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   Chapter 191 Something Serious Happened Again

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I left with Rogelio. Before I went out, Rogelio said to Xenia, "You'd better not stay here with Vann all the time, otherwise, Vann's identity will be doubted."

Taking a look at Vann who was lying on the bed, Xenia said, "It's better for him to be doubted. I don't want him to go back again. Although he wasn't hurt so badly this time, it's hard to say whether he will be alive next time."

I looked at Xenia's expression and realized that she didn't listen to Rogelio's advice.

Without saying anything more, we walked out of the ward.

When I left the in-patient department, I hesitated whether I should go to see grandpa and grandma secretly, but the family affection had already dissipated, and it was difficult for me to make up my mind to see them at this time.

I got in Rogelio's car. He didn't start the car immediately, but looked at me with a very distressed look.

Rogelio held my hand again. "I didn't know you had such a bad experience before. I will love you more in the future. I won't make you sad, and I won't let you have a sense of loss of family affection again."

There was deep affection and sincerity in his eyes. His light but warm smile made my heart, which had been unable to settle down before, return to a peaceful and quiet state.

Rogelio didn't let go of his hand. He held my hand naturally, as if it was a natural thing. I was not sure if I should withdraw my hand or not at this moment.

Although I felt a little uncomfortable when my hand was being held by Rogelio, I didn't hate it.

Rubbing my hand with his slender fingers, Rogelio said to me with a bit of seriousness, "Besides, I think it is more appropriate for you to say something to Xenia."

"What do you mean?"

"I know that Xenia is your good friend, so it's not appropriate for me to say something in front of Vann. You know that I don't allow her to stay with Vann in the ward. It's not only because I'm worried that Vann's identity will be more likely to be exposed, but also because I'm worried about her safety."

"Her saf

is the first time I have made my true feelings clear to you. I don't want it to be too simple. When you recall it, you will feel that I don't care too much about you."

I didn't want to disappoint him, but I really didn't have any mood today.

Rogelio finally decided to drive me to eat seafood. Although there were only two of us, he ordered a big private room.

Sitting next to me, Rogelio said seriously, "In fact, I'm not a very romantic person. I'm not good at coaxing women. I hope that I won't make you feel that I am a bored and annoying man."


When I was about to answer him, his phone rang.

Taking out his phone and taking a look at it, he said, "It's from my secretary. Maybe she has something to tell me about the company."

Rogelio answered the phone and I could hear the secretary's anxious voice coming from his phone. She said, "Mr. Luo, something bad happened. Amy committed suicide. Now she is in the hospital. The news was not successfully blocked by us, and now everyone knows it."

All of a sudden, my mind went blank. Neither Rogelio nor I could believe that the confident and powerful Michelle would choose to commit suicide.

Besides, when she left the company today, she didn't show any signs of giving up her life.

Hearing that, Rogelio's face darkened all of a sudden. "What? Do you know how she is now?"

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