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   Chapter 190 Persuasion

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Jacen's eyes were a little dim. "My grandma has been taken care of by herself these days because of grandpa's illness, and her health has also become worse."

Jacen looked at me and said in a low voice, "They are in this hospital now. I know you don't want to see them, but if you are willing to go, they will be very happy."

When recalling that our grandma once came to me and asked for money, I really thought the so called "happiness" in Jacen's words sounded more ironic.

"I can graduate in half a year. Leaders from the police bureau gave me a position because I did a good job in my study. Of course, they also took our father's relationship into account."

"Try your best to do some logistics work. Don't be like Xeon, and don't be like the one lying in the ward now."

Jacen was surprised and happy to see that I showed my concern to him. He nodded and comforted me, "I majored in criminal psychology. I mainly do some analysis, so I will not be in danger."

In fact, I didn't know much about their work, and I didn't want to show too much concern for him. I just nodded.

I pointed at the door behind him and said, "If you are free now, you'd better go back to help your grandmother take care of your grandfather. I want to have a talk with Vann."

Jacen looked at me reluctantly, but he understood that I wanted him to leave. After hesitating for a while, he nodded in agreement.

"Then I'll go first."

After taking a few steps, Jacen looked back at me. After a few steps, he again turned his head to look at me. "Sister, can we meet again in the future?"

His eyes were full of expectation. I could even imagine how happy he would be when I nodded.

But I still tried to hold back my concern for him. I turned my head silently and didn't look at him anymore. "I am not sure about that."

As I said this, I pushed the door open and entered the ward. I tried not to think about how Jacen felt at the moment, because I was not feeling well either.

e time. It's hard to guarantee that no one can recognize you. Moreover, last night, you met with Jasmine and Xenia. If they investigate you from the two of them, they will expose your true identity sooner or later. My suggestion is that you should report this problem to your superior and see if they can change another person to replace you or change the method."

Vann pressed his lips nervously and tried his best to defend himself, "You've watched a lot of TV dramas. I'm not a spy. I'm really..."

Rogelio directly interrupted him and said, "We are not interested in knowing your job, and we won't tell anyone else. You don't need to explain to us. Don't forget that you have a mother and you need someone to take care of her in the future."

Vann couldn't help but raise his hand to scratch his head, but he forgot that there was a wound on his head. When he touched the wound, he closed his eyes in pain.

Rogelio stood up and said to me, "Whether Vann will be with Frank or not is not settled yet. We'd better not show up here, in case the whole thing becomes more uncontrollable."

I thought what he said was reasonable, so I stood up with him.

Rogelio warned Vann again, "But now it seems that whether this matter is discovered or not, it is still very tricky. You must have a good solution to it."

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