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   Chapter 186 An Unexpected Confession Of Love

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There were only Michelle and I left in the office. This was not the first time that we two had a private conversation, but this time, there was more hatred and tension in Michelle's eyes.

"Aren't you very proud to replace me and be the hostess here so soon?"

"I don't understand what you are talking about."

Michelle snorted, "You have entered the office of Rogelio. Why do you pretend to be ignorant at this time?"

Michelle touched my desk gently and said, "People are like this when they are in love. They want to be together every day and every moment. In the past, Rogelio also liked to tie me to his side, but men are men. It's natural for men to find a new woman and get tired of the old one."

Michelle raised her eyelids, and her long false eyelashes flickered a little. "You don't have to be complacent too early. It's not sure who will win in the end. He can abandon you just like he abandon me."

I took a deep breath and said to Michelle, "I don't know why do you talking to me like this for many times. And I don't know what problem you can solve in this way. If there is something wrong with your love, please don't always be on guard against me and make trouble for me. Please think about yourself. Think about why there is a problem with your love. Think about what you have done after Rogelio's accident."

Michelle snorted, "Do you want to teach me a lesson?"

"I'm not teaching you a lesson. I'm reminding you that you used to like Rogelio so much. Those feelings are sincere in my eyes. Although I don't know why you chose to leave him when he needs you most, I think if you really love him in your heart, you should accompany him more and get back your original feelings, instead of overdraft the past emotional foundation."

Michelle looked at me with her head tilted to one side and sneered, "Who told you that I love Rogelio very much? How do you know that I'm sincere to him? "

I pursed my

ill be in vain."

Michelle sobbed, "Rogelio, for the sake of the love between us before, tell me the truth. Do you leave me because you want to be with Jasmine?"

Michelle stressed word by word, "At least don't lie to me this time."

Taking a deep breath, Rogelio nodded and replied in a clear tone, "Yes, I fell in love with Jasmine. Since the first time I saw her and she told me her name was Jasmine, her voice and name had left a deep memory in my heart. Every time I met her, it would only make the feeling deeper and deeper. I like the feeling of being with her. Even if we just stay in the same space and don't talk, I will still feel comfortable."

As Rogelio spoke, his eyes were fixed on me.

Although what Rogelio said yesterday gave me some signs, when he said it in person, my face was still red and my heart beat fast. I was so nervous that my breath slowed down.

Rogelio looked at me with love, "Jasmine, I didn't want to show my love to you on such an occasion, but I don't want to deny my feelings for you in front of anyone. Although this scene is not perfect and can't leave the best memory for you, since I feel very comfortable to say it out, I won't force you to promise me immediately, but I hope you can think about it seriously, because I am serious."

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