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   Chapter 178 What I Saw Make Me Heartbreak

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In order to make me believe what she said, Xenia also analyzed, "think about it carefully. Why didn't he live in Michelle's house when he was in the Gu Estate, but came here instead? Don't say anything to avoid arousing suspicion. I don't think it's necessary in this society. Besides, how many times have you seen Rogelio accompany Michelle? At that time, I often worked in the crew, and Rogelio seldom went to find Michelle."

Perhaps only I knew that Rogelio would walk around alone in those quiet mountains, just like the place he took me to last time.

"What's more, last time Michelle went to make a scene, and finally she lost her face in front of the media. Not only did Rogelio not show any dissatisfaction with you and Robbie, but she also came several times to celebrate for you and choose you as the spokesperson. On the contrary, he didn't choose Michelle as the spokesperson. Not to mention for Robbie's sake, I don't think so. Although you are now a little famous, you are still not comparable to Michelle. He should give the endorsement to Michelle, both public and private, but he's not. What does it mean? "

Taking a deep breath, Xenia looked at me and said, "Jasmine, don't say that you don't feel it at all. In fact, it's just that you don't want to admit it in your heart. If I were you, I would have been very happy. But your reaction is really strange. It's really different from those women like us."

All of a sudden, Xenia put her head behind her and rested her chin on my shoulder. "Let me ask you a very tacky question. If both of them fall into the water at the same time, which one will you save first, Robbie or Rogelio?"

I was stunned and didn't answer, but a thought flashed through my mind and frightened me.

Patting me on the shoulder, Xenia said, "it's a tacky question, but it's not meaningless. I ask you this because I hope you can really think it over. Rogelio is a good man, but if now you are in his arms, and you can't avoid the pressure of the public opinion. In fact,

me stop for a moment, and my eyes were filled with tears.

I put the medicine box on the tea table, opened it, took out some anti-inflammatory drugs and put the gauze aside.

Robbie reached out his hand and wanted to do it by himself, but when I saw him move, he would pull the wound, so I could not help but frown slightly.

I took the medicine and sat next to Robbie. "Let me do it."

I cleaned the wound, applied medicine, treated Robbie's arm and wrapped the gauze around it.

When I dealt with the wound on his waist, Robbie leaned slightly and said, "There should be some on my back. Please."

Then I looked at his back and when I saw it, I couldn't help close my eyes.

Half of her back was covered with wounds of different sizes.

"How did you get hurt like this?"

"There was an explosion in a warehouse. I happened to pass by and was only affected a little."

He said it lightly, but the wounds on his body were not as easy as he looked.

"I think you are seriously injured. Let's go to the hospital."

Robbie said to me, "Find me a night robe. If you really don't have one, you can wear a bathrobe."

I nodded, "Okay, I'll get it for you right now."

I didn't have men's clothes here, so I could only find a larger bathrobe and take it off to ask if Robbie can accept it.

"Put it on for me," said Robbie.

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