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   Chapter 82 You Enter My Dream

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Michelle didn't seem to care about that at all. "It doesn't matter. My time is limited. As far as I know, you only have one movie to shoot right now. You can take it again. I'll pay for any expenses incurred."

Max narrowed his eyes and looked at Michelle, "Amy is so generous. This is a large sum of money."

Max's words were full of sarcasm, but there was no joy or anger on Michelle's face. I didn't know if she really didn't hear it or she deliberately ignored it.

The atmosphere suddenly became cold, and neither of them wanted to concede.

At this time, Daniel stepped up and said to Max, "Director Max, how about this? Let's have a try to see if it will work. Then we decide whether to take Amy's suggestion or not. After all, it is more convincing with a valid reason."

Looking at Daniel, Max nodded his head to show his agreement and said, "Ok, let's start shooting."

The story about that day was two of them were doing farm work together. The man plowed the field while the woman led the cattle. They were chatting and laughing, streaming with sweat, but they are very sweet.

But as soon as Michelle got into the field, her outfit couldn't merge with this kind of plot into an abrupt scene.

But nobody expressed a word. Max did not stop her. He obeyed the professional spirit and required props.

I think Michelle didn't read the script carefully because she was obviously frightened when an old, yellow cattle was put into the farmland.

She dared not to get close, let alone hold the cattle.

"Can I ask for a fake one? It's terrible and baked. "

"It's okay. This is an old cattle, the villagers said that it is very docile and doesn't hurt people."

"I said I don't want it!"

All of a sudden, the whole scene was stopped as the tape was stuck.

Max could not help asking in a loud voice with a loudspeaker, "can you take or not?"

Michelle came over from the farmland unconvinced. "Although this is an age drama, it is also a love drama. It is obvious that it can be aesthetic, but why do you have to let me plow the fields? None of us know how t

ibute me to the professional category, you know?"

"Okay, Daniel. You are the most popular star and professional guy among us."

"Yes, That's almost what I mean."

I walked to the entrance of the village with a smile, which disappeared gradually. The man in front of me made me feel like I was in a dream, but it was so beautiful and heartbreaking.

I never thought that I would see Rogelio here in this isolated village.

But at the moment, he only cared about Michelle. He gently tucked her hair behind her ears with his fingers.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? What are you looking at? Why are you still here? "

I was in a daze, so I didn't realize I was behaving inappropriately.

Daniel also looked down my eyes. "Who is that? He must be the legendary boyfriend of Amy? The appearance was nice and he is rich. But people like Amy must be the same sort of person as her if he fell in love with such kind of person. We just came here last night and he come to visit today. Can't they wait to show off their love? "

I wanted to say hello to Rogelio very much, but I thought I would be the third wheel. So I turned my eyes away and said to Daniel, "Let's go back on another road."

Daniel very readily promised. "Okay, no problem."

When I was about to leave with Daniel, I heard Rogelio's voice behind us. His voice was still as gentle as before, "Jasmine? Is that you? "

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