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   Chapter 81 Failed To Reach An Agreement

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Everyone was silent. We had no mood for dinner anymore after that.

"It's late now. The shooting will be started tomorrow. Go to bed early, all of you," Max said.

Michelle glanced at the surrounding rooms and said, "Where room is for me?"

A staff replied, "There is a room not far ahead for you. I'll take you there later."

Michelle frowned. "All of us? Did not I live alone?"

"We are lucky to own a relatively comfortable room here. None of us can live in a single room. Even director Max is in the same room with other people."

There was an obvious dissatisfaction on Michelle's face, but she still left with the staff.

The atmosphere in the yard seemed to be relaxed after Michelle's leaving.

I heard that more than one person breathed a sigh of relief. Someone even sat back in the chair and ate the cold dishes.

Daniel who sat next to me laughed, "I suddenly feel that a second-rate actor like me is completely not comparable to a big star like her. Do you feel like I'm defeated completely?"

Although Daniel was smiling, I could tell the irony in his eyes.

"Maybe she was just in a bad mood after a day's journey."

Daniel patted my shoulder and stood up, "Only those who have stayed in this circle for a long time can hear a lot. Well, you will see tomorrow."

Annie was so angry that she left. I didn't go back to my room until all of them finished eating, cleaning up the bowls and chopsticks, and washing the bowls and plates.

I would stay there for another day, but I packed my things that night.

When Annie entered the house, she saw me packing and asked, "Why are you packing?"

"I'm leaving after tomorrow."

"So soon? Have you finished shooting? "

"My part has done. They will stay here for some days."

"I don't want you to leave."

I sat down next to Annie and said, "If you want to go out for a walk one day, come and find me. This is my number."

Then I gave Annie my phone number.

Annie stored my cell phone number carefully. "Who

was said that Michelle refused to wear her costume and dress because of the clothes and appearance were ugly.

Many people tried to persuade her, including director Max. But Max showed a long face when he came out.

I had no idea what was going on inside, but it was almost noon, and the original scene had not been shot yet. I finally expected that Michelle appeared but her style completely changed.

She got two pigtails in a row and the tails curved up at the same time, which made her look very young and energetic. The original cotton clothes and cotton pants became a cool floral skirt and her face wore a popular light makeup, but the orange lipstick was more or less eye-catching.

Although the dress was not fashionable, it was completely different from our previous style.

Michelle walked to Max and said, "This is the style I designed for this role. We filmed a film and art, and our art came from life. It's not necessary to completely copy it with one piece. In this era, it's hard for an ordinary woman to like it."

Director Max said, "This is the role image we have designed before the shooting, we can't change it because of your personal preferences. Moreover, we have filmed for so long, you have overturned all the images. Do you know if you must do like this, we should give up all our previous work?"

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