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   Chapter 75 A Long Lost Visit

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The love letters of Rogelio and Michelle were still fresh in my memory. In love, Michelle was quite initiative, but I didn't have the courage nor the confidence as her.

I took Xenia's hand and walked into the study. "Follow me."

"What are you doing?"

"I don't know how long I will leave. I need to tell you something before I leave."

"What is it?"

I pointed at the book on the desk. "I can't go to school on time when I left. You're the real Xenia Tang. It's time for you to go. Listen to the teacher and take notes, okay?"

Xenia pouted reluctantly, "Why me? I'm old enough. Why do you still want me to go to a night school for you? "

"For me? It's for yourself, okay?"

"Come on!" Xenia's mouth opened into a circle. She wanted to say something but didn't say it in the end. "Okay, okay, I know. I will go. But you have agreed, you should go there after you come back. Don't let me go there again. Okay?"

Xenia seemed really not to be interested in the course, and I was really interested in it, so I agreed, "Okay, I see."

Xenia browsed a few pages and saw the sketches I drew on the notebook. She asked, "are these all drawn by you?"

"I just drew randomly without any foundation."

"To be honest, your paintings are really interesting. They are beautiful and well designed. But the only shortcoming is that some elements are out of date, which is a popular elements in the past two years."

"You don't know much about fashion. I learned it when I majored in it. Your cousin brought me some books. I have been reading them recently. My question is quite obvious. I feel that I have overreached myself. I know nothing about fashion and I still study these things."

Putting aside the draft designs, Xenia said, "Hey, you know nothing about fashion? People wear what these designers design and what are popular. If you think what you design is fashion, i

or not.

Maybe she didn't need it at all.

"Was it because you were like this that Xeon left you?"

"Bah!" My mom spat at me and glared at me angrily, "you are exactly the same as Xeon Mu, unemotional. Yes, I was born in a poor family, but so what? I lived with him wholeheartedly and gave birth to his children by my own. But what did he do to me? He eloped with another woman, and left you, the encumbrances to me. Why? Why should I be good to his child? "

"Have you ever met Jacen again?"

"To see him? I don't have to do that. Your grandparents are in poor health. What if they regret and throw Jacen to me? I already have you and I get headache because of you. "

I took a deep breath, looked at my mom and said, "don't say that you are so pathetic. Have you ever raised me these years? You just let me there, without any care. There are so many divorced women and so many mistresses. Why do you self-indulgent to such a degree while other women's mother is strong? "

My mother looked at me with a smile. She pointed at her nose and said, "me? Self-indulgent? Haha, it's really funny. Do you know what I did before? How could I be reduced to such a condition if your damn father didn't appear? "

"What, what did you do in the past?"

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