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   Chapter 74 A New Journey

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When Lucy called me, I was very nervous, thinking that Mr. Xia must ask about what happened yesterday and then get angry with me for a few words.

They are not just me. I can tell from their expressions that they think the same.

I went to Mr. Xia's office with Lucy. She didn't ask me anything and left after sending me in.

"Mr. Xia."

"Here you are. Have a seat."

Mr. Xia greeted me to sit down, just like he did last time.

Sitting on the sofa with me, Mr. Xia said, "I've heard what happened yesterday and I've asked the police. It's not a big deal. Please don't do this again. No matter what, you're going to be a public figure in the future and don't be caught by the media in the future. Their rendered ability is beyond your imagination."

I'm not so ambitious for the future like Mr. Xia saying. In fact, I just want to have a job and make a living.

"Mr. Xia, I hope my thing will have no negative impact on the company."

Mr. Xia shook his hand. "I've come across much more terrible things than you did. Drugs, prostitution, prostitution and cheat. You don't deserve to be mentioned. Not to mention that you haven't reached the level of attention yet."

"Thank you, Mr. Xia."

"I asked you to come here today not to discuss this kind of matter with you. Do you still remember the movie Amy mentioned last time?"

I nodded and said, "Yes, I remember that. You said it was a TV series."

"Yes, the filming has been scheduled to be started on the day after tomorrow. The producer has informed us about it. Although he is dissatisfied with it, they can't do anything about it for the time being. You go there first to take photos of all the substitute parts. And Amy will find other time to shoot the rest part. Is there any problem with it?"

I shook my head, "no problem."

Mr. Xia pursed his lips and nodded, "Very good, no problem."

Mr. Xia picked up the boiled hot water and started to make tea skillfully. "I heard that your commercial shooting was


Xenia frowned and said, "A substitute? Dangerous action? Have you received any professional training? If not, don't kill yourself in the shooting. "

"No way. I've never heard that it's a comedy. Just because it's not easy to arrange the starring list, I am just a part of it."

Xenia nodded her head. But she still asked curiously, "You substitute who?"


"Wow, you are even willing to be her substitute. That's not degrading."

Xenia took a sip of water and frowned, "No, to be honest, you shouldn't have been her substitution."

"Why not?"

"Think about it. You know the two men of the Luo family. It's okay that you can't be together. But if you have the chance, the word 'substitution' is not nice, it feels lower than her. Seriously, if you can be with any one of them, just ask them to pay for you. And then you don't need to be a substitution."

I rolled my eyes at Xenia and said, "You must be still drunk last night and saying something stupid."

Xenia said seriously, "I'm not kidding. Look at you. It's said that it's easy for a woman to chase a man and you're no worse than that Amy. Why don't you give it a try? This kind of handsome man is hard to get. It will be no other one if you miss this time. And in my opinion, maybe it was the reason that Rogelio was chased by Amy."

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