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   Chapter 72 I'm The Second One

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"You get him." I turned to the screen, "What do you want to sing? I order songs for you."

"Of course not! Am I not handsome?" Vann said, dissatisfied with Xenia's words.

Hearing that, Xenia could not help but curl her mouth to look at Vann. She said, "Although you are good-looking, your profession and family background are not pure and high-grade. It is nothing more than vulgar."

"Girls like you always judge people just like yourself. You don't pay attention to the inner world."

"Why should I pay attention to your inner quality? I don't want to have further development with you only because of your external appearance."

"You have a really bad taste. Why do think Dylan is good? Are you a fool to date with that kind of man? "

Hearing that, Xenia was a little irritated with Vann.

She rested her hands on her hips and asked Vann, "What do you mean? You don't want to walk out of the private room alive, do you?"

Seeing that they are having fun, I decided to stay away from them so that they could get along with each other more often. After all, both of them were still not married. Maybe they could fall in love with each other.

But it was a bad thing to have dodged the two of them. The air around was even more uncomfortable.

To me, Robbie is just like a shadow.

When he is with me, I always feel uncomfortable and nervous.

I happened to want to avoid Xenia's persuasion of drinking, so I came out of the box, just as when I came out to sober up, I wanted to stand outside for a while.

"What are you doing? Let go of me! I won't go! I want to see him! Let him see me! "

"Kim doesn't want to see you. You are so annoying to come here all day long!"

I was about to turn around to see what was going on. But I was hit by someone.

I turned around and saw a pretty woman. Her head was lowered when she bumped into me so I couldn't see her face clearly.

y her head on my legs.

Robbie glanced at Rosie and asked, "what happened?"

I shook my head, "I don't know exactly. I just saw two men dragging her to the door. It seemed that she wanted to see someone, but that person didn't want to see her."

Robbie looked at Rosie with a frown.

I told my guess to Robbie, "Maybe Rosie fell in love with someone."

Robbie crushed the cigarette in his hand, pulled Rosie up from me and held her into his arms.

"You'd better take Rosie home. You can ask her when she wakes up."

Robbie picked up Rosie and stood up. And I also stood up. Then we went out of Lego. I helped Robbie put Rosie into his car.

"You drank two bottles of wine. Do you want me to drive you back?" Robbie asked

I've been drunk for a long time. I didn't lose my consciousness.

I turned to look at the direction of the Lego and shook my head and said to Robbie. "No, thanks. I'll go with Xenia."

Robbie opened the door and said to me before getting on the car, "You are the second one that Rogelio goes out with except Michelle."

"It doesn't mean anything. Don't you think you are ridiculous? If you really can't let her go, you should make a breakthrough in your relationship with Michelle, instead of using me to set Rogelio up."

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