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   Chapter 71 I Thought I Would Be Alone Forever

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Xenia also looked curious. If I couldn't make up a reasonable explanation, it would be hard for me to get away with drinking today.

"I will take strangers as my friends."

My clumsy explanation is really not convincing.

Xenia even didn't ask for my permission and opened a bottle of beer for me and said, "It's not a big deal. Only we are here today. It doesn't matter if you recognize the wrong person. Drink with me. I've been fed up the past two days. Let's take it out on each other, okay?"

Xenia gave me the opened beer while she said.

However, my heart was even more scared when I heard these words from Rogelio. He said to me with a smile, "It doesn't matter. I'm not allowed to drink now. I'll look at you to make sure that you won't be abducted by strangers."

I was holding a can of beer in my hand, not knowing what to do.

I looked at Robbie for help unconsciously, but he simply turned his head, picked up the beer that he had never drunk and took a sip.

Xenia cheered with me and raised her head to drink. "If you don't drink, you won't take me as your friend."

I bit my lips. I could only tell myself that it wouldn't matter if I drank a little.

The music started and Vann sang a song.

Xenia was also good at drinking, so after a short while, she had already finished two bottles of beer and ran up to Vann to sing with him.

I was persuaded to take more than one bottle of beer. When Xenia went to sing, I breathed a sigh of relief secretly.

It was not until now that I realized that Robbie and Rogelio had been sitting very close to each other. Both of them looked at the two people who were singing. When the two people waved their hands to us, they would smile and applaud rhythmically, but in fact, they were talking about something about themselves.

"I've almost arranged everything in the company. You can officially take office next week," said Robbie to Rogelio

"In fact, you don't have to be in such a hurry."

Robbie to

play with her, but he apologized to Xenia and walked up to me. "Sorry, I have to go now."

I replied, "it doesn't matter."

Xenia pouted, "Why are you going back so early? Why didn't you play for a while? "

"My girlfriend wants me to go back."

"Your girlfriend? Ask her to come and play with us! "

I tugged at Xenia's clothes to stop her.

"Rogelio has just recovered from a serious illness, so it's not easy for him to play for a long time. Let him go back early."

Rogelio smiled at me. "Goodbye."


Rogelio nodded to the Xenia and Vann and left.

It was not until Rogelio was out of sight that Xenia asked, "Why didn't you allow me to invite his girlfriend?"

Before I could answer, Vann asked, "Do you know who is Rogelio's girlfriend?"

"Who is it?"


Xenia widened her eyes and asked, "Which Amy? That famous star?"

Hearing that, Vann nodded vigorously. "Do you think she will come here to play with you?"

Xenia made a sign and shook her head, "A handsome man like him can't match nobody like us."

Suddenly, Xenia pointed at the Robbie sitting in the corner and asked with a smile, "That handsome guy is also here. Does he have a girlfriend?"

"I don't think so," replied Vann

Xenia winked at me and pointed at herself and me. "I want this boy. You or me?"

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