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   Chapter 61 More Mistakes

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I called his name lightly, "Rogelio."

"Humph!" With a sneer, Rogelio moved away from me. He put up one leg and sat beside me, looking at me with a kind of indescribable expression in his eyes.

"Don't live in a dream. You can't change the fact even if you lie to yourself."

I finally tried to resist the psychedelic. So obviously different two persons.

"Robbie, why are you here?"

"Why not me? Are you disappointed? "

There was cold mockery in Robbie's tone, totally different from the passion he just gave me.

"The only woman in Rogelio's arms right now is Michelle. Where are you? Who are you? He doesn't know and he doesn't care about."

I got up from the ground. I know I'm in a mess, both mentally and physically.

"So what? So you pretend to be him? Don't you think you are shameless? "

Robbie stared at me with his eyes narrowed. We were so close that we could feel the breath of each other.

"Am I pretending or do you hope I am him in your heart? If you want him, even if this substitute is me or someone else, if I don't reveal it, will you pretend to be innocent and unwilling to wake up? "

"Stop it!"

"Why don't you speak? If you really want to be together with him, you can justifiably tie him up with your legal identity. He doesn't love you for one day or two days, but he will love you sooner or later. This is what men do."

I bit my lips hard to resist the alcohol, trying to sober up a little.

"So what? Made Michelle away from Rogelio and came to your arms in this way? Is this your plan? I was your puppet. The reason why you didn't allow me to divorce Rogelio was that you wanted to get Michelle? Scheming against your brother and messing around with your sister-in-law. Don't you think you are not only shameless but also despicable? "

"You still view yourself as my sister-in-law, Roge

stood in front of the director when he hung up the phone with shame.

"I'm sorry, director and everyone."

I know I have no reason to be forgiven, let alone an excuse to explain. I sincerely apologize to everyone present.

The director was still holding his phone and didn't put it down. All the people present fixed their eyes on me when they saw my appearance.

Some of them just waited quietly while others criticized me.

"Are you the actress in the advertisement?"

With a red face, I nodded, "yes, I am, really sorry for the delay of your time and process."

"Is an apology enough? What do you think this is? Playing a game? Look! How many people are there waiting for you! "

The director shouted. The room was quiet and I felt ashamed.

"As a newcomer without any fame, you should put in a thousand times more effort than others,? But what are you doing? Do you think you are a famous star? Are you playing a big card with us?"

The director was still very angry. He turned around in a circle and pointed at the position of the door. "Get out right now. Ask your company to change another person."

"Director, I know it's my fault. I don't expect your forgiveness, but please give me another chance."

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