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   Chapter 60 Who Are You

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"Because it was a confidential mission, we can't tell you the truth. Even now, I have violated the rule." Lully said to me with apology.

"Since I came back, I didn't dare to contact you formally. All I wanted to do was to help you and your family secretly. However, when I came back, I only found your grandparents and brother, but I couldn't find you and your mother. We almost found you several times. But when we arrived, you had already moved away again. "

"Because of my sincere apology to your family and that experience, I was transferred to logistics work and resigned two years ago."

"My mother has been looking for you all these years, but failed to find you. She asked me to pay more attention to you, but I didn't think that the day when you said your name, you are the Jasmine that my mother was looking for." Vann said.

Even though I had been misunderstood those things for so many years but when the original truth was revealed, it still made me feel sad.

"So what when you find me? What could you change? He didn't come back after all."

I walked to the door.

Lully said in a wobbly voice, "little Star, stay and have dinner with us today. I haven't done anything for you in so many years."

I took a deep breath and said to Lully, "Maybe you are grateful to Xeon, but I can't forgive him for his kindness to you. He hurt me. Even in other people's eyes, he is worthy of respect, but not me."

"Don't you want to know the situation of your grandparents and your brother?"

"I have lost my family for a long time. Since the moment they abandoned me, we have nothing to do with each other. Please don't mention them to me. I don't want to have anything to do with them either. I used to want a family, but I hope my family is loving each other from the bottom of their heart."

I did not hesitate to leave.

Vann ran after him and said, "let me drive you home."

"Sir Van, thank you for your help. But we'd

self and kissed him, regardless of anything.

Rogelio didn't respond at all to my kiss.

"I know it's not good. I know you only love Michelle, so I don't even deserve any extravagant hope..."

I moved back a few steps. But Rogelio's soft lips finally reacted.

His kiss was so passionate, as if he was going to swallow me the next second.

At that moment, I forgot about my morality and the fact that I was an evil third party.

I just want to have him once even just for once.

I answered him with my heart, putting my hand around Rogelio's waist.

He also hugged me tightly, and his body was so hot.

He kissed my ear and slowly moved his kiss down my neck. It was a wonderful feeling, which made every cell in which the alcohol was flowing throb.

I was picked up by Rogelio. His suit jacket was laid on the cold ground. I was slowly put down by him and his body came up to me.

I didn't resist, and even cooperated with him, allowing him to unbutton my trousers.

But Rogelio stopped his next move, his breath hitting the tip of my nose.

"If this is only two lonely people who want to unite to warm themselves, are you still willing to give yourself to me?"

"Don't throw any question to me. I only want you to be with me now."

"Okay. But do you know who I am?"

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