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   Chapter 58 Another Robbie

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Spencer didn't say anything more. He gave me some time to be alone since I came back home.

When we arrived at the villa, Spencer took out a few books from his suitcase and said, "I had planned to mail them to you, but I decided to come back on the spur of the moment. So I brought them to you in person."

I took several books from Spencer and said, "thank you."

"Why do you like fashion design?"

Spencer suddenly asked me.

"I fell in love with that kind of atmosphere when I helped Rosie. I fell in love with the image when she stood on the stage and talked. She became the center of attention wherever she went. I can see the admiration in others' eyes."

"There are many different ways to attract people's attention and appreciation. You don't have to choose this."

"That's all I knew back then."

Taking a look at his wristwatch, Spencer said, "It's getting late. Go to bed early. I will meet Robbie at the law office tomorrow and then take a plane directly from there. After that, I will leave without saying goodbye to you."

"Why are you in such a hurry? When will you come back next time? "

"It's not decided yet. It depends on the progress of the case there. Now it's easy to travel, and maybe I can suddenly come back like today for a few days."

"Okay, have a good rest."

Then Spencer turned around and walked to his bedroom. But after a few steps, he turned around and said seriously, "I have some advice for you."

"Please go ahead."

"First of all, if you majored in design, you wouldn't have bothered to come up with a diploma. However, if you want to have some attainments and don't take the initiative to learn something about fashion, fashion. Fashion elements and how to match clothes at present will be your only goal. Perhaps the things you designed will only be the entertainment of yourself."

Hearing Spencer's words, I lowered my head and looked at my clothes. Although these clothes were bought for me by Robbie, they looked good on me and every

ckground had long gone away from my life. Although it is not important, he could easily arouse my interest.

I opened the door and got on Vann's car.

"Who are you taking me to meet?"

"You will know when we get there."

"I don't think I want to see Xeon or Rosy Mu now."

"Not them."

As Vann spoke, he stepped harder on the gas. He looked more serious than frivolous.

I was driving on a road I'm not familiar with and finally stopped in front of a common residential area.

"Where are we?"

"My mom lives here."

"Your mother? Why did you take me here? "

"You'll know very soon."

Vann said and led the way.

"Since we are going to meet the elder, it's not good to empty hands."

Vann looked back at me and said, "You're welcome. My mother is waiting for you."

I hesitated for a while and followed behind Vann, but I still couldn't figure out why he took me to see his mother.

When we came to the second floor, the door of one room had been opened before Vann knocked on it.

A woman in her fifties was standing at the door, and she was staring at me with her bright eyes escape Vann.

"Mom, this is Jasmine."

The woman nodded, "I know. She's like her."


"Hey, come on in."

Vann's mom held my hand heart-heated and I saw that she lacked a little finger when she held my hand.

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