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   Chapter 54 A Strange Call

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Although Vann complained, the expression on his face was relaxed. He was only teasing himself.

When I talk to Vann, I think he is a very casual person. He is totally different from the policeman who is full of righteous indignation on the face I imagined. It can be said that he has subverted the image of police in my mind.

"I think you guys have different personalities."

"You may think that we are not the same person now. But, it was not like this when we were in school. You know what? Robbie was even naughtier than me at that time. I have been infected by him, but people will change. In the last two years, he's become a domineering minister."

I tried to think about the look of Robbie which was mentioned by Vann, but I couldn't imagine it.

"Looking at him now, I can't think of what he was like when he was at school."

Vann smacked his lips. "If he continues to behave like this, I'm afraid even I can't remember what he was like."

I had arrived at the entrance of the community when I was talking to Vann. Again, I said thank you to him.

But when I was about to get out of the car, Vann suddenly asked, "Oh, I forgot to ask you what's your name?"


Hearing that, Vann frowned and said, "Jasmine?"

"What's wrong?"

I couldn't help but ask when I saw the look on Vann's face. But I was sure that we didn't know each other before.

"I seem to have seen this name before. Why can't I remember?"

"How could that be? I am nobody and I never break the law. "

Vann waved his hand, still trying to think. "My brain is not working very well. I can't remember it in a short time, Jasmine..."

Seeing that I was still here because of his appearance, Vann smacked his lips and smiled at me, "I'm sorry. Maybe I feel the name is too familiar. Since Spencer hasn't come back yet, I won't go in with you. Goodbye."

I got out of the car and waved good-bye to Vann. After seeing his car leave, I turned around and entered the community.

When I got h

s moment by Vann. I asked, "how do you know?"

I'm really curious. In addition to my grandfather, my mother and I are the only people who know what happened in my family. In these years, in order to escape from debts, my mother often moved to another place to live, and she has long lost contact with my grandfather. As for Vann, he is only a few years older than me, so how can he know about this matter.

"Where have you lived all these years?"

I sighed. "My residence used to be uncertain."

"No wonder."

"Where is your mother now?"

"The jail."

Vann was surprised. "She's in the jail?"

"Yes. Because I was sold by her, so she was in jail. If you are determined to know what happened a few months ago, you will find it."

Hearing that, Sara was silent for a while. Then she asked, "has my mother committed any crime?"

"No, No. do you know why your father left you at that time?"

"My father?" It was so late at night, and it was really not a pleasant thing to be asked about that. However, I still answered to Vann, "I heard from my mom that he eloped with another woman."

"Then you never hear from him again?"

"No. why do you ask me about this? Why did you mention him to me? Is it possible that Xeon Mu has also done something illegal outside? You're looking for him, so you found me, right? "

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