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   Chapter 51 The Beginning of Foreordination

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It's my first time to make up my hair and my first time to go shopping in a big mall. The things beyond my knowledge are ridiculously expensive to me.

That day, Rosie bought me a whole set of makeup products. She spent much time on teaching me how to make up.

Rosie said that was the basic skill that a person should learn in this circle. One couldn't do anything about it or be lazy, unless I still wanted to go back to hand out leaflets.

"Leo will bring you all the clothes and jewelry you left in my house later. I know that these things may have bad memories for you, but sometimes, you should put down what you should put down."

Not long after Rosie left, Leo gave me all the clothes, bags, bags and shoes that Robbie bought for me.

Later, Rosie called me. She told me that these stuffs were not in the latest style since it had been a few months. But she knew that if I spent more money on them, she was afraid that I would feel stressed. So she asked me to use them unless I disliked them.

I know that she is still afraid that I can't let it go. To be honest, it is very uncomfortable in my heart, but the old sayings "When a man is poor, his ambition is not far-reaching" is also the true reflection of life.

I am dressed in those clothes at the end. I made a light makeup for myself for the first time before I walked out of my home with a new manner.

"Hello, may I help you?"

The receptionist asked politely.

I took out the business card that Rosie gave me. "I'm looking for Mr. Xia of the XinYu Media. Rosie introduced me to you."

"Oh, I see. Mr. Xia told me about it this morning. Wait a moment. I'll call the Secretary Desk to check when you're available."

"Thank you."

The receptionist gave me a polite smile and asked, "Excuse me, what's your name?"

"My name is Jasmine Mu."

"Ms. Mu, Mr. Xia asked you to go up to his room. He's on the 21st floor. When you go upstairs, someone will pick you up."

I thanked the receptioni

Why are you here? "

I was frozen in place. It was really Michelle. The real Michelle showed up in front of me.

But at that time, Michelle even didn't pay any attention to me. She just walked past me and gracefully sat on the sofa.

"I suddenly didn't want to move today, so I put it off. Besides, I have been back for several days. It's time for me to come and see you and everyone."

"You are famous now. But don't be so capricious. Some directors are still ill tempered. But anyway, you have the right to be capricious. "

Michelle didn't look at Mr. Xia, but lowered her head and fiddled with her nails.

Mr. Xia walked to the opposite of Michelle and sat down, "we have known each other for not one day or two days. I'm afraid that you are not coming here just to see me today, are you? What do you want to say? "

"I heard that you have a popular IP script."

Mike said while pointing at Michelle, "you're well-informed. I got the information last night, and you came to me today."

"Who do you want to act in this movie?"

"Amy, you have a full schedule this year. In addition, you have many good resources. The company wants to make more popular stars with this script."

Michelle raised her eyebrows and smiled, "I can ask my boyfriend to sponsor the play as long as you give it to me."

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