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   Chapter 49 A dialogue

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As the old lady said, she looked at Robbie who was sitting in the distance. "Forget it. Their business is not like us. But this man often comes to see you. I don't believe that someone who is not interested in you will have the spare time to put it on you. I think he is excellent in every aspect. I think you are a good child. I advise you to hold this chance when you can. Love is a temporary impulse. It's hard to tell how long you can hold on. At least one day when you can't go on, you have much more things than you lost. "

I pursed my lips and smiled helplessly. This old lady wanted to set us up every time she saw Robbie. But only the two of us know that, it would never be possible.

From time to time, I would glance at him, who was still sitting there without moving. But whenever I looked at him, I would see that he would look at the big screen just now.

Even if there was no longer Michelle.

When Robbie felt my eyes, he would drop his eyelids naturally. Then he continued to check his phone.

When I finished handing out leaflets, I walked up to Robbie. "Today's work is over. We can go now. What do you want to eat?"

Looking up at me, Robbie continued, "didn't you ask me out for dinner? Why do you ask me? "

"I've never been to a restaurant before, nor have I paid a bill. I don't know where I can go. I don't know where the food is cheap and delicious."

It's a little embarrassing to say the word "cheap". Anyway, even though I were a vain woman, I won't pretend to be generous in front of Robbie.

Robbie's eyes blinked and he stood up. "Well, since you don't have much money and you owe me, let's go for a big meal."

I thought what Robbie was referring to was really a big meal, but it never occurred to me that he would refer to food stalls.

"Are you sure you want to choose this restaurant?"

"When I was a child, my mother didn't allow me to eat street

s a boy, my grandparents took him away and raised him up."

"Did you see them again?"

I shook my head, "no, no one came to find me again and no one remembered me. I think they should have forgotten me."

"It's hard to imagine how you have survived all these years."

"I don't dare to recall anything now. It seems to be something long time ago, or yesterday, or a nightmare. But when I wake up, I can still sit here drinking and barbecue."

Robbie and I smiled at each other, clinked glasses and took a swig.

Robbie was silent for a minute, and then he said to me suddenly, "Rogelio can walk on his own. He is recovering the ability that many normal people should have. It won't be long before he can make no difference from a normal person. "

I looked at Robbie, and he also looked at me. I can't understand why he suddenly mentioned this topic, because his eyes are not clear.

"Good news for me, but for you?"

With a snort, Robbie asked, "do you think that I will hope my brother never wake up because of a woman?"

"Sorry, I shouldn't ask this question, but I still want to know why you wanted me to marry Rogelio."

Robbie's hand unconsciously gave the can a hard squeeze. "Because he needs a woman to take care of him."

"Is that all?"

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