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   Chapter 48 Illusion Or Truth

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I can't remember why I didn't dodge at that time. Perhaps I really took him as Rogelio at that time.

The kiss of Robbie was domineering, like a king patrolling his territory.

The alcohol in my body makes me feel a wonderful feeling. Every cell of my body is full of the stress.



As Robbie's hand stopped, the air between us suddenly became quiet. All the illusions were shattered at that moment.

We just stared at each other quietly. It was easy for me to feel Robbie's breath.

With his eyes closed and brows frowned, Robbie propped himself up and rolled over. Then he lay beside me with a hand on his forehead.

"It turns out that you like Michelle!"

I should have been shocked at this, but because of the scene just now, I was unable to think too much.

"Is it the most painful and pathetic thing for you to own the woman that your brother loves?"

Without answering me, Robbie suddenly stood up and went to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water.

"The reason why you married me to Rogelio is that you want Rogelio to have a wife. And you can go to express your love to Michelle?"

Robbie put the water in his mouth for a second and then swallowed.

"Is that the reason why you are unwilling to go through the divorce formalities for Rogelio?"

I don't know where my spirit and strength come from that I can still lie there aggressive.

"Yes, if you think so, you are right," the light from the corner of Robbie's eyes just shone.

Robbie picked up his coat on the chair and turned around to leave.

"I have washed it for you before I returned it to you."

"This dress can't be washed by water but can only be dried. I'm afraid you'll feel sorry if you spend the money for one dry cleaning."

At that moment, I finally realized that sin

oment? I'll leave after I give out these leaflets. "

Robbie walked to a public chair and sat there, looking at his cell phone.

I looked at him, wondering if we were as pathetic as each other at the moment. So I gave him a bitter smile and handed out the leaflets.

The old lady who gave out leaflets with me stood by my side and sighed as she looked at the big screen on which the audio had been changed.

"Do you believe that?"

I was confused by her question. "Believe what?"

She pointed at the screen and asked, "the love that Amy just mentioned."

"I don't know. Do you believe?"

She shook her head, "it's hard to say. Stars nowadays dare not say anything to hype or lie. If it is really as she said, why didn't she stay at China this year? She have been abroad for so long, and now come back."

"Or she can't bear to see her beloved man lying there all day long. I'm afraid her heart will ache."

She raised her eyes and said, "Well, I do believe if the man is a common man. But who is he? He is the eldest son of the Luo Group. Do you know how rich he is? If I were she, I would be willing to have that wealth even if I had to be a widow, let alone he just might not wake up."

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