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   Chapter 44 White Vengeance

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I turned around and found that Patrick had opened the door of a private room diagonally opposite Robbie's.

"Oh, I see." Seeing that Robbie had entered his private room, I had to give up the idea of greeting him and followed Patrick into the private room.

There were seven or eight people sitting around the big round table in the room.

One of the models I remember was in front of me when I was taking photos.

Her clothes were so different from mine.

She made her hair and wore a beautiful make-up. She was wearing a blue lace dress.

In addition to the important parts, the design of many places was partly hidden and partly visible.

When I came in, she was talking to a man who was nearly in his fifties. The man, who was a little fat, wore a white shirt and a tie, was standing next to her.

Those people looked at me as I walked in.

Patrick hurriedly introduced, "this is also the advertising model this time, Ms. Jasmine."

The female model and the other two women who also seemed to be models cast a fleeting glance at me, yet the corners of their mouths kept teasing me.

But the bald man waved at me with a smile and said, "come here. Have a seat."

Patrick said to me, "hurry up. This is Mr. Du."

Patrick also winked at me.

I didn't know why, but when I looked at the smiling eyes of Mr. Du, I felt very uncomfortable, but there was no reason to refuse. Besides, there was only an empty chair left by him.

As soon as I sat down next to Mr. Du, he leaned towards me for several times and his eyes were fixed on me.

"You are the angel?"

Before I could react, Mr. Du hurriedly explained with a smile, "I saw your previous poster. The title of it is the angel that came into our mortal world by accident. That's the title, right? "

I dropped my eyes and nodded.

I knew it's a polite thing to look at other people's eyes when talking, but Mr. Du's eyes always made me uncomfortable every time I tried to look at him.

"Yes, you are right."

"It really impress me. The photo looks so pure. Of c

o embarrass the party. But at this moment, I am in such a hurry that my sense is getting more and more confused. I grabbed the glass in front of me, raised my hand and poured the water towards Mr. Du's face.

At that moment, the air and chatting stopped in shock.

It was Patrick who first came to his senses and scolded me, "you bastard! How could you be so shameless? It was Mr. Du who gave you the chance. Otherwise, you are just an inexperienced model, who will use you? Why don't you express your thanks to Mr. Du, but stay like a shrew? "

Mr. Du wiped the water off his face. His smiling eyes became a threatening look.

He tried hard to control his emotions. Taking the tissue that the model just handed over, he pretended to be a gentleman and wiped the water on his body.

"Miss Jasmine, I will give you the last chance. If you agree, I can forget what happened just now. But if you don't agree, I have a word for you. Don't refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. "

I stood up, glanced at those unfriendly eyes and said, "Mr. Du, please behave yourself. I have no reason to agree with your request. I'm leaving now."

I wanted to leave, but I was trapped in the seat. Patrick just stood in the way, leaving me no room to get out.

"Please move away,"

Mr. Du sneered, "You're embarrassing me. It's not that easy to leave like this..."

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