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   Chapter 43 A Familiar Stranger

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"Great! This is the feeling I want. Okay, don't move. Let me take another one, okay, perfect..."

When I came back to my senses from those flashlights, the photographer nodded at me with satisfaction.

But when I came down, he said to the staff who were with him, "See? Nowadays women are most realistic. Nothing else is more useful than money."

Those young men laughed and gave him thumbs up. "You're the cleverest."

I walked into the locker room and got dressed.

The receptionist sent me the money. "Please go back to wait for the news. We will call you if the factory chooses you."

At that time, I didn't have any hope for myself. "Then how will I get the money?"

The woman smiled and said, "Don't worry. We'll wait for the client to finally decide the payment."

"Okay!" I nodded and left the advertising company alone.

Robbie and Rosie didn't contact me these days. In fact, it's not a bad thing for us.

The good thing is, I've started to teach lessons which suggested by Spencer. And I have less time to be lost in various fancies and conjectures.

In addition, I felt happy when I was back the classroom.

This sense of happiness also made me realize that there are so many things I can't do.

What I didn't know before makes me want to know more.

And I have to cover an excess of money - books.

I still did part-time jobs and did housework in the daytime, and I spent all my evening studying how to start from scratch. I didn't have any basic skills in painting, so I had no idea how to draw.

About ten days later, the advertising company finally called me.

"Ms. Jasmine, are you free tonight?"


Hearing the puzzlement in my voice, Patrick hastily explained to me, "Well, miss. Jasmine, please don't get me wrong. Here's the thing. The client is very satisfied after they saw your photos. However, they hesitated between you and the other two models so they want to see you in present.

in such a high-end hotel. Do you think they will be jealous of me?"

"If you hope it happens again, don't talk nonsense."

"Don't pretend to be an idiot and call me out. Do you want me to be dumb?"

Two men's voices came from behind my back, and one of them was very attractive and could be heard very clearly. As a result, I looked back immediately out of conditioned response.

It was nobody else but Robbie.

I looked at him in surprise. He saw me too, but he didn't stop walking. When he looked at me, he just treated me like a stranger.

The man next to Robbie wore an ordinary jacket. He was a little shorter than Robbie but about 1.78 meters tall. He looked very strong.

Seeing that I was looking at Robbie, the man held Robbie with his elbow and said, "There is a girl who has been looking at you all the time. Do you know her?"

"You'd better shut up."

Robbie glanced sideways at the man beside him, and the two people stopped at a private room next to the door where I stood.

In fact, I want to say hello to Robbie. Even if I am not an acquaintance in his heart, but his help for me makes me feel grateful to him.

But Robbie wouldn't even admit that he knew me.

At this moment, Patrick behind me shouted, "Ms. Jasmine, hurry up. Don't stand still like a fool."

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