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   Chapter 42 Legitimate The Third Party

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I know the word "help" might still be a hypocrite in Robbie's heart.

I decided to make a concession, "Well, let's put it this way. I have no choice but to do this? Something that doesn't belong to you can't be reached even if you have tried hard. You are a rich man, but you can't do whatever you want. Moreover, something you can't get will be depressed. People like me won't dare to hope too much."

"But you are Rogelio's legal wife. No matter what happened in the past, that woman is now a third party."

I couldn't help smiling bitterly. I asked Robbie, "Do you really think so? Rogelio even doesn't know who I am, but we are here discussing legal and third person. If we have to talk about legality, our marriage is not legal at all, because it was you who accompanied me to get the marriage license."

At that moment, the air between us stopped. The cigarette in the hand of Robbie burned out a long ash.

"Let's get a divorce certificate."

"I don't want to break the law again," said Robbie, throwing the cigarette in his hand and walking away from me.

After Robbie got in the car, he left me behind, stood by the road and watched him driving away.

I can feel that Robbie is upset.

But at that time, I was too superficial to know what would make a person upset when he did not need to worry about money.

A ringing phone interrupted me. I answered it and it was Patrick of the advertising company.

"Ms. Jasmine, how is your injury? When can we carry on our shooting?"

"I'm fine now. Anytime. Please arrange the time."

"Okay. If possible, you can come tomorrow."

"Okay, see you tomorrow."

I hung up the phone, exhaled a breath and looked back at the hospital behind me.

"You must be happy!"

It was a complicated world, but the most complicated one was the human's heart. Even in the face of ourselves, we would often be deceived by ourselves.

Love is a very wonderful thing. Most of the time, we couldn't tell that it was a genuine love from love, friendship, kinship, or sympathy, or habit.

I don't know if what happened yesterday has caused t

ng that makes you intoxicated."

The worker patted me on the back and said, "Please try again. I'll go to see other companies. But you have to cheer up. We have to make more choices. Whether the factory can choose you or not depends on your own performance."

The staff said and went to the photographer's office to see other people's photos.

I took the phone of the staff and watched the advertisement several times.

What impressed me at that time was not Michelle's expertise in shooting, but her beauty and temperament.

She was sexy and charming, but I was an ordinary, self-abased and even rustic girl.

"Hey, are you ready? I'll give you another chance."

I gave the phone back to the staff and walked back to the stage.

I picked up the props again, but my mind was still in a mess.

As I stayed silent for a long time, the photographer finally got impatient and shouted at me, "What are you doing? Had you never enjoyed yourself in your life? Even you had not, you should know what kind of things can make you indulge herself? Imagine, can you? Now imagine that there was a big table made of gold in front of you. It's full of money. You can buy whatever you want."

The photographer's words didn't come to my ears completely, but a picture gradually appeared in front of me. In a garden filled with lavender, Rogelio stood in front of me, and his smile made me warm...

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