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   Chapter 41 The Distance Between Us

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When the elevator door opened at the fifteenth floor, I saw Rosie.

The moment Rosie saw me, she let out a sigh and lowered her eyelids.

"Where is Rogelio? Can I see him? I promise I won't get close to you. "

Clenching her fists and biting her lips, Rosie asked hesitantly, "Do you really want to see him?"

At that time, I was sure of that. I didn't know that until I came here, I was eager to see him.

Rosie took a deep breath and let me followed her.

Rosie then went into the elevator.

"Isn't Rogelio in the ward?"

"He is in the rehabilitation room downstairs."

I followed Rosie nervously and excitedly. Finally, Rosie stopped and pointed at a room with a big glass window in front of her. "Look, he is there."

Rosie didn't move. I walked towards the window.

Through the window, a tall figure was slowly walking by holding the instruments.

I haven't seen Rogelio standing before, but I recognized him at the first sight. His height and figure are similar to that of Robbie.

He seemed to struggle with every step, but he tried hard and refused to stop.

My tears fell on my raised lips.

I'm really glad to see Rogelio stand up. I'm glad that he wasn't defeated.

I was quietly watching beside the window with satisfaction.

A strange and familiar woman came into my sight.

She walked to Rogelio with a towel and gently wiped Rogelio's forehead.

Rogelio turned to look at the woman. It was the first time that I had seen a smile on Rogelio's face.

So bright, so dazzling, and so happy.

It turns out that Rogelio has a bigger smile than I thought.

He was staring at that woman's face. He was so lively that it couldn't find any trace of passing out on his face.

When the woman turned around, I was stunned.

She was sexy, fashionable, and I could feel the unique temperament of her without approaching.

More importantly, it was Amy, the woman who always appeared in entertainment news on the

tte and lit it. After taking a puff, he frowned and spit the smoke. When he puffed the smoke, he was not as indifferent as usual, but more like silently releasing his anger.

"Have you seen everything?"

"Do you know Michelle is there?"

I didn't answer Robbie's question directly. Instead, I was a little angry. He was the only one that could vent my anger.

Time is the best writer. If I leave a long time later, and if I don't worry about the things I'm going to worry about, then I'll be less upset, or I can only wish others all the best.

"Are you angry?"

"No, I'm not!"

"You are not reconciled?"

"No, I'm not!"

Robbie snorted and puffed smoke to the side. "It is just like a seed that is carefully planted and germinated in your hand. Finally, when the fruit is ripe, it is picked by someone else. Are you really not angry? And not reconciled? There are no real saints in this world. Why do you want to prove your nobleness with hypocrisy? "

I took a deep breath and made a deep exhalation. Then I nodded and said to Robbie, "You are right. I am not a saint, so I am unwilling, angry and even sad. But the difference in morality between people is because of self-restraint, right? Because I know what is right, so I overcome my own greed and learn to make others better."

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