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   Chapter 40 I Am Still His Wife

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"It turns out that this is your subordinate company."

It was well known in the city, but it was only their subordinate company.

I had never seen through the Luo family and I didn't know what kind of business they have.

Because I knew I had nothing to do with them.

In fact, the Luo family was not the kind of people who particularly like to show off their wealth, especially Robbie. He always kept a low profile when he talks and does things. Some self-abased people like me would not feel that they live inharmonic with them very much.

What they made me feel wealthy may be that they lived in the big house that few people can afford.

The day I took out the stitches, it was Robbie who drove me there.

"From the examination, I think she has recovered well. Fortunately, she is young. You can exercise more frequently but don't push yourself too hard. Anyway, you can't carry weight by the wounded arm as well as another one. "

"Thank you, doctor."

When I came out of the hospital, I was so happy that I didn't have to hang my arm over my chest because I felt inconvenient to do anything.

"I'm so sorry to trouble you every time. Since I got injured, I've caused you so much trouble. I don't know how to thank you." I said, looking at Robbie.

I knew that Robbie always turned a deaf ear to my thanks. And I even didn't think he wanted to hear anything meaningless like this.

As usual, Robbie turned a deaf ear to it. But when we were about to walk into the elevator and leave the hospital, he stared at a big billboard on the LED TV in the elevator and lost in his thought.

The elevator door was closed and opened again. Robbie's eyes had not been taken off the advertisement for a dozen seconds.

I couldn't help but ask Robbie, "is this also an advertisement of your company?"

The woman in the advertisement was very beautiful. Even if I didn't often watch TV, I could see her on some posters and headlines. She was one of the most famous


I looked at Robbie, not willing to show weakness in my eyes. I questioned him, "so what?"

"I have never been in love, but I know a happy marriage is based on love. It is an undeniable fact that Rogelio doesn't love me. When he was lying in the hospital bed and lost his consciousness, marriage was my own business. It was my own choice whether I was happy or not. But now he wakes up, and he will definitely get well. If he knows my existence, then this marriage is an unhappy for both of us, because it will be sad whether he doesn't love or not... "

I looked into Robbie's eyes. At that moment, his eyes were as deep as a bottomless lake.

Robbie raised his arm slowly and pointed at the direction behind him. "After you passed that door, you can go to the third floor. Rogelio was in the VIP ward of the fifteenth floor for treatment. Now, only Rosie is with him. If you want to see him, this might be your last chance. One hour, one hour at the most, someone would replace Rosie. If you don't want to miss this opportunity... "

I looked at Robbie and heard what he said calmly. I unconsciously stepped back.

No matter how perfect a lie was, it couldn't deceive my heart, even if I thought I knew all the facts.

I was defeated by myself in the end. I ran towards Rogelio without hesitation...

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