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   Chapter 39 He Is Not My Boyfriend

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In the evening, Spencer sent me a video call again.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Spencer."

This time Spencer was sitting in the car.

"You want to learn fashion design, right? According to your education background and current stage, I introduce you the advanced education offered by DongHua University. Their teaching mode is based on face-to-face teaching, supplemented by distance education. I will give you the contact information later, and you can know the specific class time from them. Do you want to go to an undergraduate or a professional school? "

I was confused and looked at Spencer, "I want? Shouldn't it be arranged by your distant relative? "

Spencer closed his eyes then opened his eyes again and rubbed his temples with fingers, "Oh, sorry! I'm too busy to talk nonsense."

My distant relative wants to study costume design. "There are two choices. One is to study in an undergraduate school and the other is to go to a professional one. You know, she wanted to graduate but didn't want to go to college by herself. The difference between the two was the durations. After all, it was you who do it. I don't know if you are still willing to help if the duration become longer? "

"No problem. I want to go to the undergraduate one." I answered without hesitation

Spencer breathed out a sigh of relief and said, "well, it's settled then."

Seeing that Spencer is going to hang up again, I asked, "what's your distant relative's name?"

"Xenia Tang,"

"Okay, I remember this."

At that moment, the car which Spencer was sitting in stopped. He got off the car, and someone opened the door for him and politely called him lawyer.

Now I knew that Spencer was a lawyer, Spencer nodded slightly. His manner was different from that when he spoke to me. He was less casual, but more serious as a lawyer.

However, when he hung up the video, he joked, "designing? You know, it's very difficult to be an excellent designer in this field. You'd better learn the law like me. I can teach you."

I was wondering if Spencer had treate

one is good at the hard life. "

Then she smiled at Robbie and continued, "it's getting colder these days. I'm afraid she'll have to go through the severe cold while giving out leaflets."

The woman said and gave me a look, went to a little further place to continue to launch leaflets.

What the woman had just said embarrassed me a little. I said to Robbie, "She misunderstood our relationship. Please don't mind."

With his eyes on the direction of the woman, Robbie showed a rare smile on his face, which was so beautiful with the warm sunshine.

I was stunned for a moment. At that time, I thought what I would be like if I hadn't met him?

My life would become more and more intensive and I will have no one to rely on.

Friend is a very warm word that can make people bear and share when they are sad, lonely or happy.

"Actually, what she said makes sense," Robbie said lightly as he drew back his eyes from the woman.

At the same time, Robbie stretched out his hand to take the leaflets under my armpit.

"I really don't need your help. How can I let you do that again?"

"I'm helping you and also helping myself."

I looked at Robbie in confusion. "Help yourself?"

Robbie shook a leaflet in his hand. "These are promotion about the activities of my subordinates. I benefit from their profits naturally. Do you think I'm helping myself?"

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