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   Chapter 38 My First Dream

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Though I had nothing to do with that name, I was so excited that I tossed and turned all night.

The next morning, I didn't go out. I sat at the table, looking at my phone and waiting for message from Rosie.

Because I really wanted to know what's going on with Rogelio now. I hoped that he could be well, completely well.

But Rosie didn't text me again. I guess she is too happy to remember me.

At this moment, someone rang the doorbell. I got up to open the door.

But there was a short and thin stranger standing at the door.

The man should be around 40 years old, wearing a loose suit.

"Who are you?"

The man beamed at me and handed me a name card.

"Hello, I finally find you. I am running an advertisement company, and your image is very suitable for our needs. Our company wants you to help us shoot a few print advertisements."

I took the business card from him.


"Yes, yes, it's me. I'm Patrick."

Patrick took a look at my room. "Can we go in and have a talk?"

After hesitating for a while, I turned sideways and said, "please come in."

When he entered the living room, I invited him to sit down and poured him a glass of water.

Patrick said thanks to me very politely, but he didn't drink any water. Instead, he continued to introduce to me, "our company wants to bid for an advertising of a factory, and many matters are relatively pleasant. But when it comes to the selection of plane models, we haven't reached a consensus."

"We happened to see your photos by accident. We thought they are beautiful and elegant, so we asked for the opinions of the factories. They were quite satisfied with it and agreed to let you have a try."

I sat down on the sofa next to Patrick and looked at his business card. "But I don't have such experience. I'm afraid I'll let you down. And as you can see, my arm is injured. I can't recover in the last two weeks. I'm afraid that it will take a lot of time."


ver, after Spencer told me that I could continue my study at an open university, I thought I might have a chance.

When I first saw Rosie's design, I was so fond of it. I admired the feeling of being watched on the stage and the pride of her when she displayed her work.

"I didn't have one before, but now I have a dream, which is quite luxurious,"


"I want to stand on the stage and design a lot of beautiful clothes like Rosie."

Now, every time I think of that time, I feel that I was stupid and childish.

But at that time, I thought I had my first dream.

The only reason that a dream was called a dream was that it was difficult to drive on the path you expected and give you motivation, and it would inevitably leave you regrets.

Again, Robbie replied late.

I didn't know if Robbie will laugh at me for being stupid and overestimating myself.

He only replied, "I will help you to search this advertising company before we decide whether to go or not."

I looked at the phone and hesitated for a while. Then I couldn't help but ask, "how is Rogelio now?"

There was no reply.

"I know in my present identity I shouldn't ask you this question, but I didn't mean anything else. I..."

"Rogelio is fine. He is very well. The doctor said that he can recover soon..."

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