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   Chapter 37 If A Miracle Has A Sound

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It was a good thing that I can get others' salary in vain. I agreed without thinking too much at that time.

"As long as I can help."

Spencer Shang said to me straight to the point, "I have a distant relative who didn't pay much attention to study in college. But now he has no job and doesn't have a good education."

Spencer Shang paused for a while and then pointed at me, "unlike you, you are willing to do hard work like this. Of course, I didn't mean anything else by saying that. Anyway, Work is no respecter of persons. "

I shook my head to show that I didn't mind, but I didn't completely agree with what Spencer Shang said. Because in the eyes of most people, work is not equal.

"In order to alleviate this, her family members signed up an open university. Although student graduated from the open universities was not as good as that of the full-time students graduated from the standard university, it was still at least a diploma. She was able to sustain herself in a small company which didn't have so strict requirements on education."

I listened carefully to Spencer Shang's words and couldn't help thinking of myself.

"But this girl just not willing to do so. We has already registered her name and paid the money. She wouldn't go there no matter what."

I listened to Spencer Shang carefully, but I didn't understand why he asked me to help him.

"Mr. Spencer, what can I do for you?"

Touching his nose with his index finger, Spencer Shang said, "well, here's the thing. If she can get the graduate certificate smoothly, apart from the achievements in her exams, the attendance is also part of it. So I hope you can substitute her name before she changes her mind, and make sure that she will be fully on duty."

I asked with doubts, "will they recognize that I am not her?"

"I don't think so. She hasn't been to university for once. No one knows her. So you're not supposed to let anyone know about it."

I nodded a l

alone without saying goodbye, so you don't want to recover soon? You opened your eyes, but you resisted putting the world into your eyes. "

"You should work hard and try your best to get better. I will also work hard to come back to you. I will wait for you to get better. I will wait for you at the place where we have met for the first time. I will not leave until you get better..."

Rogelio's lips trembled again, as if he was trying to speak, but he couldn't make a sound.

"Rogelio, Rogelio..."

Rosie said, looking excited and nervous.

"Rogelio, what do you want to say?"

I was watching Rogelio nervously in the video. I clenched my hands into fists unconsciously, and my palms were sweating.

"Come on, Rogelio. You can do it. You can do it. I'm here and I can hear what you want to say to me."

Both Rosie and I fixed our eyes on Rogelio's lips. We could feel that he was trying hard and he wanted to say something.

Time after time.

Finally, an extremely weak voice broke out from his throat.


It was only a few words, but it made me cry for the excitement of Rogelio.

I cried and laughed.

Like I was when Rogelio just woke up, Rosie cried out loudly regardless it was night, "Mom, mom, my brother is able to speak. Rogelio is able to speak now..."

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