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   Chapter 36 What Is The Future

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"Hey, you two! Why don't you sit on the sofa and sit on the ground? What's wrong with you two? "

At the moment, Rosie opened the door and came in. She saw Robbie and me sitting cross-legged on the floor facing each other.

Rosie smiled and walled towards us. "Hey, you two. What Kung Fu have you practiced? The ancient tomb sect? "

Robbie glared at Rosie and stood up. He picked up the rag and threw it to her.

"You are here just in time."

With two fingers holding the rag, Rosie said, "Robbie, is this how you treat your sister?"

I also stood up and smiled to take the rag in Rosie's hand. "Let me do it."

With a wave of her hand, Rosie yelled, "stop!"

She took off her backpack and put it on my hand. "I don't dare to disobey Robbie's order. You don't know, I am limited to him now. It's up to Robbie whether I can make a design show again or not. It all depends on him."

Then Rosie rolled up her sleeves and bent down to rub the floor casually.

Robbie took out some ingredients from the fridge and walked into the kitchen to start cooking.

I didn't expect that Robbie could cook.

"How about we order some take out, Robbie? Are you sure you can cook? "

Squatting on the ground, Rosie looked at Robbie with uncertainty.

Robbie paid no attention to what Rosie said, and his hands didn't slow down at all. When he washed the vegetables, there was nothing wrong, but when he cut the vegetables, it seemed he really can cook.

I exchanged a look with Rosie. It was her turn, Rosie just sat there like us and stared at Robbie.

"Robbie, can you help me? I don't think I am very well-known now. Could you please invite some magazine agencies to provide me a special column?"

Rosie looked at Robbie expectantly, waiting for his answer.

Robbie glanced at Rosie with an unreadable look on his face. Then he continued.

"I can only arrange it after you take out several other decent design. Your previous design has been over for a long time. You can't always be on a magazine with just a previous design? It's a thing

lean the room for Spencer temporarily. She also told me to rest assured and she would take the responsibility of everything.

After they left, Spencer, who seldom cared about the family affairs, made a video call to me.

With the first phone experience, the second time I quickly picked up.

Spencer's hair was still wet. He was wearing a white bathrobe. It seemed he just had s shower, and he took a candy and threw it into his mouth.

"I heard that you got hurt."

"It's not a big deal. It won't affect me to clean your home."

"I heard that your bones are broken. Is it just minor injury? I got goose bumps hearing that. "

I looked at Spencer pretended to shiver.

I smiled and said, "I've been rested for a while, and it's nothing serious now. "

Spencer shook his index finger and said, "I don't want to be called a cold-blooded boss who is being exploited. After all, I'm a compassionate person, so you can only clean it once a week before you completely recover."

"I really don't need..."

"If you break this order, I will fire you immediately."

Spencer said in earnest, but I knew it was out of kindness.

I didn't insist and said, "thank you."

But don't stay here for free during this period. Even though I have a good relationship with Robbie, I also don't want to waste my salary. During this period, you help me do one thing. "

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