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   Chapter 34 I Curse You To Spend The Rest Of Your Life Lonely

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Later, I came to understand that the pain in Robbie's mouth is not only physically, but also psychologically sold out by his loved ones.

Robbie took the mobile phone out of his pocket and handed it back to me.

I looked at the phone and asked. "Why is it in your pocket?"

With his hands in his pockets, I knew that Robbie wanted to smoke.

But he glanced at me and bear it down.

"Someone saw your mother appeared near the Luo family yesterday, and then saw you and her left together. Rosie said she couldn't get through to you, and she found you were not at home. So I went to the place where your mother gambled last time and found her easily. "

"You should know that it's easy to get your mother to open her mouth,"

It's easy for Robbie to say that, but I know what his emergency means to me.

"Those policemen..."

"I called the police."

The word "thank you" was caught in my throat, not because I was reluctant to say it, but because I felt it powerless and meaningless to say it in front of Robbie.

After that, Robbie went into the bathroom with a wet towel in his hand.

"Wipe your face."

I have never thought that a man like Robbie would stay and take care of an irrelevant person like me.

I wiped my face. While taking the towel, Robbie pulled my right hand and wiped it carefully.

"It's time for breakfast."

Robbie behaved so naturally that I didn't feel uncomfortable.

When his fingers ran across my fingers, I could feel that they were slightly rough.

I raised my head and looked at Robbie. It was the first time that I felt the usual indifference of him could be so gentle.

Robbie gently put down my right hand. But when he saw my left hand that was so swollen like a steamed bun, a glimmer of pity flashed in his eyes.

It was the second time I had breakfast with Robbie. We just had it in my ward.

He was still a man of few words. But from time to time, he would put some food into my bowl.

"The police will com

ain I've been through."

My mother's eyes were still full of contempt.

Her eyes chilled my heart to the bottom.

I didn't want to let Faye see my tears. So I stood up and turned my head.

"I hope you can reflect on your mistakes and accept adversity in prison..."

While I walked outside, my mother jumped up from the chair and started to curse in my back. "Jasmine, you shall die in agony. I curse you. Such a bitch like you deserve love? Let me tell you! It's impossible! It's impossible for you to find someone love you for the rest of your life! I curse you that you will spend the rest of your life lonely, living like a dog... "

My mother was taken away by the housekeeper and I stared at the empty seat.

Until today, I didn't know if my decision was right, but I know that the year without my mother was the happiest time in my life.

That day was a turning point in my life. When I walked out of the prison, Robbie leaned against his car and smoked quietly.

When Robbie saw me walk out of the prison, he threw the half cigarette on the ground and crushed it out.

I remembered that he had said to me, "people only see the smile of a successful man. No one likes the tears of the weak. If ruthless can save yourselves, just let the bystanders accuse, because no one will suffer for you..."

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