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   Chapter 29 Wonderful Life

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For the first time, I became the focus of all eyes, and many people applauded for me.

For the first time in my life, others only looked at me with admiration, without disdain.

From the initial fear to the later calm, when all the models were on the stage with Rosie, I fell in love with this feeling for a moment.

"When each of us was born in this world, it was just like the angle entering the mortal world by accident. We were afraid, hesitant, and innocent. Maybe we will get lost in this world because of some restraints that make us unable to return to our original state, but please don't forget that we were as beautiful as an angel at that time... "

Rosie's words got much applause and caught the attention of many reporters.

We seemed to be shining brightly that day.

I couldn't calm down for a long time after I walked down the stage.

Precisely, she felt a little excited.

Besides, Rosie has to accept an interview. She asked Robbie to drive me home.

I was absorbed in my memory all the way, completely ignoring my own facial expression.

Maybe I looked too stupid at that time so that Robbie asked me why I kept smiling.

After all, Robbie was the only one who I can talk to. I couldn't hide my excitement and said to him, "I used to think that being rich, wearing warm and not short of money is happiness. But now I find there is another kind of life can live like this."

"What life?"

"A wonderful, wonderful life, a life of value, meaning, a career that is recognized..."

When I bring this up after a long time, Robbie told me that it was the first time he had seen my face full of excitement and luster that he had never seen before.

"And, thank you today."

"For what?"

I looked at Robbie. After all, I did not say that's because his sitting on the guest table, giving me courage when I was afraid.

"Thank you for sending me back."

If there was something different in my life from that night, it would be from that night.

The next day, the fashion news on TV was all about last night's report and broadcast.

The video and photos I took during the show last night were displayed on the display boards and LED screens at the streets and alleyways.

The successful show made Rosie become one of the hottest fashion designer in the industry overnight.

When I was happy for her, Rosie came to see me and she gave me ten thousand.

"This is the fee for your appearance," Rosie smiled to me.

"Didn't I say that I would help you? Why did you give me money? I don't want the money. "

I was a little sad at that time, because I thought that Rosie didn't really take me as her friend.

"This is the appearance fee for the model who wear my last design. If you don't come to help me, I will pay the money to someone else who be the model."

Rosie held my hand and explained, "actually, you're doing better than I expected. If it weren't for you, perhaps we wouldn't have made it such a success this time. I should have given you more. But we're friends, so I won't. This is a principle, which has nothing to do with friendship. I can't take advantage of you by consuming your payment just because of our good relationship. "

Rosie finally persuaded me.

"By the way, there's something I want to show you."

Rosie took out her phone se

cretly and opened a video.

In the video, Rogelio was leaning against the head of the bed when he heard Rosie's voice. "Rogelio, can you hear me? Blink your eyes when you hear me. "

Rogelio's eyes even flickered a little.

Seeing this scene, I couldn't help laughing happily.

"He can blink his eyes..."

Seeing that I was so happy, Rosie looked at me with a smile. "You must miss my brother very much. I will send you a video every day."

I didn't refuse Rosie's invitation, but said thanks to her.

"Did you use the phone I gave you? How about we add each other as wechat friends so that I can send you the pictures and we can often chat? "

I gave the brand-new phone to Rosie, and it was in the box, still intact.

"Why don't you use it?" Rosie asked, beeped. Are you still thinking about what happened in the past? "

I shook my head, "no, it's just I don't have many friends. In the past, no one called me except my mother. You gave me this phone, it's precise so I don't want to use it."

Rosie smiled. "Don't be silly. It's just a phone? Cellphones would update and change very fast. If you keep it, it will become useless soon. "

Then Rosie took out her phone and asked me for the SIM card and help me set it up.

"What's your wechat account?"

"I don't have a wechat account."

"Alas! You are so detached from the society. I'll help you apply for one."

After a while, Rosie helped me apply for a wechat ID, and she became the first and only friend on my wechat.

Rosie taught me. I tentatively pressed the speaking key, "hello."

With a bright smile, Rosie smiled and replied on her wechat, "you silly girl."

But we were laughing happily.

Rosie sent me Rogelio's video via wechat.

She took my phone and found there were few friends in it, "Let me add a new friend for you."

"Who is it?"

"Tuxedo Mask," Rosie smiled.

"Then who is it?" I couldn't understand at all.

"My brother, a man who lives under a mask."

Rosie gave the phone back to me and replied, "you can chat with him after he verified that you are friend."

"Robbie and I? Chat? "

Just imagine the poor communication between me and Robbie. I can't imagine the scene that we just chat over the phone.

"Although my brother doesn't talk much now, I feel he is good to you. At least he has come to see you, which is already rare. I hope you can wake up him and brainwash him just like waking Rogelio up. Come on! You can make it! "

I was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh because of Rosie.

"I have an interview later. I'm so busy these days. I have to go. Let's call again later."

After sending Rosie away, I found that the account of my friend hadn't been verified yet. So I shook my head with self-mockery, thinking that Robbie wouldn't add me as a wechat friend.

At that time, my phone suddenly rang. I thought it was from Rosie.

But when I saw the number, my calm mind stirred again.

It was my mother's call.

I really wanted to get rid of my mother. I knew that there would be no good thing if she calls me. Even if it is just a greeting, it will not appear in her mouth.

Clenching my fists, I stared at the phone but didn't answer it.

But the phone was like my mother's voice which never changed. She was so stubborn that she just kept calling...

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