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   Chapter 28 The Most Silent Protection

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It was the first time I've experienced such a scene. There were thousands of people under the stage.

There were a lot of people around me who are busy with their work.

Many slender and tall models were walking around, wearing various beautiful clothes.

The busy behind the scenes made my whole person more and more nervous, I have been in a state of restlessness.

I was at a loss and didn't know what to do.

However, as they were busy with their work, I felt another life style which is full and vigorous.

"Where's the makeup artist? Come on, get her make-up and get dressed. The show will begin after a while. Others, stand in your place quickly and don't mess with your appearance order. "

The workers on the scene were directing. Soon, I was pressed on a chair and started to make up.

Some of the models were ready. Since it wasn't the first time for them to show up, they watched each other at the backstage to check if there were any omissions in the clothes.

Only one model sat on the dresser. She looked at the makeup artist who was putting on makeup for her and asked, "who is this woman? I've never seen her before. Is she from our circle? "

The makeup artist seemed to be familiar with the model, so she answered naturally. "I heard that she is a friend of the designer and she is wearing the final work of this fashion show."

The makeup artist said very lightly, and his hands did not slow down at all.

However, the model seemed very indignant, "she? I don't think she looked like a model? Why let we set her up as a foil? The designer takes care of her friends but she doesn't have to ruin her own work, does she? "

This model was very arrogant and she didn't care that I was also sitting here.

"It's said that you can only be a foil for the time being. If you don't pay attention to your words, you can only be a foil. Why do you say such words in front of others? Aren't you afraid she'll tell Rosie that you won't be needed for any more of her designs? Then you will not be needed any more."

The model stood up from the dressing table and looked at me, who had been silent all the time. She hid her emotions and said, "what are you afraid of? Isn't it just a designer who just returned from abroad and is a nobody. I don't know if she will have the chance to make this kind of clothing show in the future."

The makeup artist raised his eyelids and wanted to say something. But when he saw Rosie behind the model, he bit back the words on his lips.

The makeup artist lowered his head and continued with his makeup seriously. However, the model was not aware of Rosie's arrival, and continued to speak, "there are so many people who have been studying abroad for several days. They thought that only a few paintings would be able to make them a fashion trend, but what happened at last? We've been working in this industry for so long. Have we seen little of them? "

I didn't want to see this woman get too embarrassed and didn't want Rosie hear these words. Besides, I didn't want Rosie to feel bad about what she just said.

"Rosie, why are you here?"

When the model saw that I was looking behind her, she turned her head in a hurry. The moment she caught sight of Rosie, she pulled a long face.

"Emma, I... I will prepare the show first."

After saying that, the model wanted to leave, but Rosie didn't want to let it go.


The model stopped.

It was

my first time to see Rosie like that. She was totally different from the kind and modest girl she had shown to me.

She had an air of superiority over others.

"You're right. Many designers lost their passion and their works were buried in the rubbish. But I can tell you clearly that I'm not confident in my strength. I have the financial support from all the companies of the Ivey Group. Even if I'm mediocre, they'll still invest in me to make a bluff. "

"Do you know why?" Rosie smiled.

The model shook her head and lowered her head. She didn't dare to look at Rosie anymore.

"Because the Ivey Group is mu Luo family's property. Now you know that?"

The model's face turned pale.

However, Rosie didn't let her go and said, "From now on, this will be your last chance to show off on the show related to the Luo family's property. As for whether other companies are still hiring you, it depends on whether they value you more or their relationship with the Luo family."

The model's face was distorted with fury.

"Rosie! I was just kidding! Please give me a break this time. Don't take my job. I beg you."

Ignoring her, Rosie walked to me and discussed my makeup with the makeup artist.

The make-up artist was very clever. He secretly gestured the model to go away quickly.

The model stamped her foot frustratedly. She dared not speak again and ran away from the sight of Rosie.

"Bring the clothes here. Let her change it on. It's almost her turn."

A specific staff took the clothes with great care and helped me change.

Rosie circled around me several times with satisfaction. "It's so perfect."

"Are you really going to take away the job of that model?"

Rosie gave me a pretended stare, "Why do you care about that? Don't tell me you want to plead for mercy for her. "

"I just don't think she is so guilty."

Rosie burst into laughter. Her arrogance vanished in the laughter, and she returned to the girl I knew at first.

Rosie whispered in my ear, "Actually, I was just bluffing. I can't do whatever I want like depriving anyone of her job. I was also afraid she would lose her job, starve to death, and become a ghost to find me and get me into trouble. Well, I won't tease you anymore. I just want her to know that she shouldn't look down upon anyone, because she will never know the one she looked down upon might be an insurmountable person in her life or in the future. "

I envy you so much. " I smiled and looked at Rosie.

"If you say you want to appreciate me, I will be happier."

"Don't envy me. You'll be the focus of attention soon. You'll be the most beautiful and shining star tonight, "Rosie said with a smile as she held my shoulders.

"The last one come here."

My heart jumped out of my throat at that moment.

Rosie patted on the back of my hand and said, "don't be afraid. I'm right behind you. I'll be on the stage with you soon."

I couldn't remember how I stepped onto the stage from the backstage.

I only remembered that a dark blue light column was hitting me, and I was alone on the stage. Every step I took was followed by the light.

I looked at the people watching me nervously. There were so many pairs of eyes.

I was afraid I haven't done well enough.

It was not until my eyes adapted to the light that I could see the guests closest to the stage clearly.

Robbie sat there quietly, just like the silent guard that night.

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