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   Chapter 27 Hug myself for warmth

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I looked at Rosie doubtfully. I don't believe a person who has great family like her would ever need me.

"Do you still remember 'the angel who entered the mortal world by accident'?"

I nodded, "of course I remember. It's very beautiful."

"Let's sit down first. We can talk about it slowly," said Rosie.

As we walked into the living room, Rosie was surprised to see her brother. "Robbie, why are you here so early?" she asked.

But before Robbie could answer, Rosie quickly changed the topic and took out a small box with a band aid on it.

"This is for you."

I looked at the presents in Rosie's hands and had no idea why she gave them to me.

I didn't accept the gift. Instead, I said to Rosie, "If there is anything I can help you, please don't hesitate and say it. You don't need to give me the gift."

With that, Rosie grabbed the box and squeezed it into my hand.

"This gift has nothing to do with what I ask you to do. We all know now that the one who stole the gift is not you, but Fannie. I apologize to you on behalf of my family. And this is our apology. If you refuse to accept it, it means that you refuse to forgive us."

I looked at Rosie doubtfully. "How, how do you know it is Fannie?"

Rosie turned around and looked at her brother. "Robbie, haven't you told Jasmine?"

Robbie did not say anything.

Rosie smiles, "It's my brother who does good deeds and doesn't like to be named. It's him. He caught it. Fannie had been caught by Robbie and confessed to us what had happened before. But she was just possessed by a sudden impulse. It's a desperate attempt to please her boyfriend. "

I looked at Robbie. He stood up and walked to the French window.

I looked back, although felt some inappropriate, but still couldn't help asking, "How is Rogelio? Has the result come out? "

Rosie pursed her lips and there was pity in her eyes.

"Yes, it's out. He said my brother has recovered very well. All his body function is in recovery. Although he hasn't recovered yet, the doctor said it's only a matter of time."

I couldn't help but smile, "that's good."

"Sister-in-law --"

"Don't call me like that. You know that."

Rosie sighed and bit her lips. She opened and shut her mouth, unspeaking.

"Didn't you say that you need my help?"

"Oh, I almost forgot it," Rosie pulled me to the sofa and said, "I came here for my design."

"So what? Is there anything wrong? "

Rosie nodded, with her mouth pursed. "There is no problem with the design. But I can't find a model that is more fascinating than your. However, the proposal is going to show in two days. I don't want to waste my time and energy on it. You may not know that this is my first time to display since I returned home. If I fail, it will have a great impact on my career in the future. So I hope you can help me with that. "

"I am very willing to help you, but I have never done that before. I am afraid that if I don't do well, it will cause the opposite result."

At the thought of wearing that dress and walking in front of a lot of people, I didn't think I can do it.

"It doesn't matter. You can make it. I don't need you to make some stage steps on the stage just like a model. You just need to walk on the stage once a round normally. I need, I need you to show a little bit of cowardice, a little bit of courage, like an angel coming into

the world for the first time..."

I knew Rosie was trying to make it as simple as possible. But I didn't have enough confidence but I also didn't want to disappoint her when I saw her eager eyes.

I nodded in agreement eventually.

"Wow! That's great! I know you are the best!"

Rosie gave me a big hug as if we were good friends. Her happy smile made me feel that all my worries become insignificant.

"Rosie, I also want to ask you a favor."

Rosie readily replied. "No problem. What is it?"

After taking a look at Robbie who was still standing in front of the window, I hesitated and looked at Rosie.

Rosie smiled. "A secret? Let's get inside. "

Then Rosie pulled me into my bedroom.

"What's the matter? Why are you so mysterious?"

"Rosie, I have hacked Michelle's name when I looked after Rogelio."

The smile on Rosie's face froze, but she didn't get angry, which relieved me a lot.

"I pretend to be Michelle and speak to Rogelio. I read her love letter for him. It was the first time that he had any reaction. It was because of the name of Michelle. So I think if I want to help him to recover faster, maybe he can continue to try this method. Of course, it would be great if Michelle could really appear in front of him."

Rosie looked at me, lost in thought.

Besides, if possible, please ask the masseuse to increase her daily massage, which is better. Be diligent in turning Rogelio over. The original time limit is a little long, and... Rosie, what's wrong? "

Tears welled up in Rosie's eyes, which made her panic.

"Sister-in-law, you have done so much for my brother. Now I know that it's not only a miracle that my brother can be a good man. But my mother still...I'm really ashamed of it."

I didn't mean to win the gratitude of Rosie, and her gratitude was more like a burden to me.

"Rosie, let bygones be bygones. I have the obligation to be responsible and take care of him with all my heart and soul. I told you this today just because I'm worried that Rogelio will be sad again if he loses the fake Michelle, so..."

"I understand, Jasmine."

"I know that you and Robbie are very taboo to the name of qi Michelle, so I dare not mention her in front of him, only dare to say to you. And my relationship with Rogelio is over now. So if one day he recovers, don't mention me to him, because the person in his memory is always not me. It's good for both he and I. Don't call me sister-in-law from now on. If you don't mind, can you make friends with me? "

I know my request is a little extravagant, but I really like Rosie. I like her energetic and her vitality. I also hope one day can be like her, living at ease.

Rosie stretched out her hand and held it towards me.

I smiled and high five with her.

"Good friend."

"Good friend."

After Rosie and Robbie left, I opened the gift from Rosie. It was a cellphone of the latest version.

There was also a note in it, "even if the whole world abandoned you, please hug yourself."

I looked at the note, a smile unconsciously emerged on the corner of my mouth.

I love the note very much and put it on my bedside table.

Although I lost my job that day, I still got the most precious friendship.

Besides, although Robbie was quiet with me, I am very grateful to him in my heart.

It would be nice if only everything could be fixed on that day, but it not.

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