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   Chapter 26 I Am Just Passing By

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I was so scared and grabbed the phone, but it was grabbed and threw to the ground by one of the men. The phone was flung away and the battery was left on the ground.

"Let go of me. It's illegal for you to do that..." I was too scared to speak smoothly.

"I'm afraid you have to thank us later..."

I was pulled out of the cashier's desk with all my strength, so I couldn't struggle against them at all.

My clothes was unbuttoned during the battle with them, and soon it was a little messy.


The sensor at the door suddenly rang.

I saw hope. The two guys who pulled me looked in the direction of the door with fear.

Gradually, the two hands pulled me down from my arms.

I looked blankly at the person who came in, and my heart inexplicably settled, but also a sense of powerlessness passed through my whole body.

As Robbie walked towards us, he put his hand into his pocket then took out a wallet and took out a hundred from it.

"Give me a pack of cigarettes," Robbie walked to me and said as he handed the money.

His voice still gave me a strong sense of strangeness. Robbie seems to be a normal customer who only want to buy something.

The two men didn't dare to make any more trouble for him, but just kept staring at him.

I ran back to the cashier's desk and took out a pack of cigarettes and handed it to Robbie with the change.

When I gave Robbie the money, I looked at him for help, afraid that he would leave me alone again.

Taking over the cigarette, he opened the cigarette box, took out a cigarette, lit it and took a puff. Looking at the forbidden smoking signs on the wall, he asked, "can I smoke here?"

"Of course. You are our guest."

I was so scared that I ran to the sign and flipped it over.

"Can you give me a chair?"


I would do whatever he wanted at that time and I got a chair for him.

Sitting in the chair and looking out of the window, Robbie was smoking quietly, as if he didn't even know me at all.

The two men looked at each other and didn't want to let go of me so easily.

One of them stepped forward and walked towards Robbie. "You've ruined our plan last time. And now you're here to make trouble again?"

Robbie turned a deaf ear to his words, flicking the cigarette ring between his fingers.

Seeing that Robbie didn't even look at them, the other one walked over to him with anger and questioned, "are you going or not?"

Still, Robbie didn't answer them, but put the phone over his ear, "Hello, police station? Someone is harassment, intimidation, and attempted extortion. So I'm calling the police. "

The two men panicked immediately. They pointed at Robbie and threatened, "you son of a bitch! Henceforth we shall be enemies. We'll see what happens. We will get back to you!"

When they left, they turned around and gave me a lewd glance. "Hey, girl! Today you escape this, I will punish you some other day!"

After they left, I felt that my feet were too weak to stand firmly.

I put my hand on the cashier's desk and it took me a while to recover.

"Thank you for saving me again."

"Just passing by."

"Thank you for your passing by."

Robbie didn't talk to me anymore, but that night he was keeping sitting there and didn't leave.

My heart was full of gratitude for him. I knew that he must be worried that the two man will g

o back and get me in trouble again.

From that day on, I had realized that Robbie is a good person, who doesn't know how to express himself in words.

He was taciturn, and though he had a distant silence, he was never constrained by external forms.

The next morning, Robbie went back to his car first.

When the boss came, I told him that I couldn't come back to work.

"You have done a good job these days. You think the money is not enough?"

I shook my head hurriedly, "no, I just have something to deal with at home, I can't do it any more."

"You haven't worked here for a month. I can't pay you back. What's more, you've delayed my recruitment of employees."

The boss didn't settle the account for me and asked Luis to carefully collect all the stock and changes. He didn't let me go until he found nothing wrong.

Mrs. Luis smiled and said, "I know you can't work here for a long time in such a young age. Don't forget what I said. If you change your mind, you can come to me."

I said goodbye to Mrs. Luis politely and left.

When I got out of the shop, I found that the car was still parked outside. Robbie didn't leave.

I got in the car, holding the phone, but it was broken last night. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't turn it on.

While driving, Robbie took a look at the phone in my hand.

"A phone for old people?"

"I bought it from my old neighbor with 20."

I knew that the phone in most people's hands are intelligence machines. In their eyes, my phone was out of date.

"Let's have breakfast first and then I'll drive you back."

Noticing that there was a porridge shop outside the window, Robbie stopped the car.

"No, thanks. It's not cheap to eat in such a place. If you don't mind, we can go back to eat. I bought rice and marinated some pickles by myself. I will go back to boil some porridge and steam a chicken cake for you.."

I thought a rich man like Robbie would laugh at me for being stingy and would complain that my breakfast was not good enough.

But Robbie didn't say anything that day. He started the car and drove me home.

That was the first time we have breakfast together. We didn't talk to each other.

However, he ate three bowls of congee and many dishes.

After we had dinner, Robbie didn't leave in a hurry, and I began my daily cleaning work.

"You can do it until you wake up."

I smiled and said, "I feel reassured when I finish it."

"You've been acting like this for a couple of days? Work overnight and do the housework the whole morning and them go to bed? "

"Yes, so that I can sleep until the evening."

Speaking of this, I was a little depressed. It was hard for me to get a job and I lost it.

"I was thinking about paying you back as soon as possible, but I didn't expect to be fired so soon. But don't worry. I will find another job. "


The poker face of Robbie reminded me of Rosie. She told me that he was not like this before. What made him so silent?

Just then, the doorbell rang.

I didn't know who would ring the doorbell and opened the door with doubts.

I was surprised and delighted when I saw Rosie standing at the door.

"Rosie, what are you doing here?"

Rosie smiled and gave me a hug before coming in.

"My brother said you were here. I miss you, so I come to you. By the way, I need your help."

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