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   Chapter 22 I Also Want To Be Liked

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"Mom, although I have just come back for a few days, I can see that Jasmine is really good to Rogelio. Rogelio has the miracle today. Jasmine played a vital role. How can you drive her away at this time?"

Rosie's voice came out through the door, which was the warmest gift in all my sadness.

"She played a vital role, She did the same thing as the maids used to do.. How could she play a vital role? And have you ever thought about your brother's feelings if he recovers and finds that he inexplicably has such a dirty and irrelevant woman as his wife? "

Mrs. Nancy tried to soften her voice and tried to turn quarrel to persuasion.

"Your eldest brother is kind and sensible. He would rather compromise himself than divorce her. But even so, this would still be a thorn in his heart, and it would be as difficult as that woman. Do you really want to see your brother suffer again?"

"Robbie, I know that you are kind-hearted when you tried to find a wife for your brother. You worried that nobody would take care of him in the future. But now the situation is different. Your brother can recover now. It's better for us to be a bad guy rather than make him unhappy when he wakes up. If you think it's unfair to that woman, I'll give her some compensation. Ask her to give a price. I'll accept as long as it's reasonable. "

I thought I wouldn't mind leaving, but why my eyes were wet?

The door was opened. Robbie appeared at the door.

Perhaps he didn't expect that I would stand at the door. At the moment we looked at each other, there was a strange silence.

"Have you heard all of it?"

I pursed my lips and nodded, trying not to cry out.

"How is he?"

"It couldn't be better compared with this year."

I tried to smile, "that's good."

Our conversation fell into the ears of Mrs. Nancy. She walked out of the room, followed by a Rosie, who looked helpless.

"Now that you hear it, let's just say it, come to the study deal with it. Don't bother your brother." Mrs. Nancy sighed.

As Mrs. Nancy said so, she walked out of her room and told Maria to stay with Rogelio and keep an eye on him. If anything went wrong, tell her immediately.

Mrs. Nancy walked in front, and we followed her.

There are only four of us in the study.

Mrs. Nancy and I stood face-to-face, she looked as proud and confident as her as usual.

"You should know that I don't like you."

"I know."

"Do you know why I don't like you?"

"Because I'm poor. And you suspect that I'm a thief. And you don't think I'm qualified to marry into such a family like yours."

I looked into her eyes. This time I didn't choose to escape.

"Part of them is true. But there is another reason you don't know."

Mrs. Nancy talked to me less aggressively this time.

"Because I am Rogelio's mother, because I know my son best. I know that he won't like women like you, so I reject what he reject. And I don't want him to see things that he doesn't want to see either. I love him, and I can trade my life for him. You only want money. As his wife, you are a shame to his life. I think you are ruining his life. We should end this mistake earlier and successfully, instead of making it go further and furth

er. "

"If you are just a servant, I will have no problem with you. Unfortunately, you are not. So, tell me. How much money do you want?"

Everything came back to this topic.

I used to really want money, because of hunger, because of studying, and because of warmth.

But I have never hated so much about money as it put me into shame.

"Go ahead. Don't be embarrassed."

Robbie said. The "Don't be embarrassed." let me know he agreed.

"I don't want the money."

"You don't want the money? You don't want to leave? " Mrs. Nancy look at me with all eyes on guard.

"Mrs. Nancy, I don't want the money, but please promise me two terms."

A trace of undisguised contempt flashed through Mrs. Nancy's eyes, and perhaps it was because she thought I was hypocritical and insidious, and a woman who was willing to make a deal is she expected me to be.

Mrs. Nancy her chin. "Tell me, what's your terms?"

"First, although I don't have any evidence, and whether you believe it or not, please don't call me thief again. I have never stolen anything in the Luo family."

"Okay. I can promise you. What about the second option?"

"Let me take care of Rogelio for one more day. I will leave tomorrow morning."

I saw Mrs. Nancy frown.

"Mrs. Nancy, I'm not playing any tricks. Rogelio just opened his eyes. He has not recovered from the coma yet. He won't remember me."

There was a doubt in the eyes of Mrs. Nancy and she looked at Rosie and Robbie.

Rosie nodded to Mrs. Nancy and said, "Mom, Jasmine is right. I have also read some documents. Even if some people in a vegetative state wake up, it will take a long time for their consciousness and operation ability to recover. Especially for someone like Rogelio who has been in a coma for a long time. Now he is still unconscious even if he opens his eyes. You also saw that we called him so loudly just now, he still doesn't react."

After hearing what Rosie said, Mrs. Nancy finally believed. His hesitation turned to consent. "Okay, just one night. You must leave tomorrow morning."

"Thank you."

"Are you sure with that?"

"I'm sure."

"If you regret, you won't be allowed."

I knew what Mrs. Nancy meant, but I still told her affirmatively, "I will not regret."

Mrs. Nancy was finally relieved. "Well, if you don't have any other requirements, then I have one as well."

"Mrs. Nancy, please go on."

"Only the few of us know that you have been married to Rogelio, and nobody else knows it except us. I hope that after you leave, this matter will be kept as a secret between you and us, which is not good for you. Can you remember that?"

I smiled with self-mockery and looked directly into Mrs. Nancy's eyes. "It is not a good thing for me to marry into the Luo family and be driven out. What's the benefit to speak it out?"

I bowed slightly to Mrs. Nancy. Although she didn't treat me well, she was a good mother who loved her child. I don't hate her attitude towards me because of this.

I once longed for the motherly love, but I couldn't own it.

"Mrs. Nancy, from now on, we are just strangers. I will not disturb your life again. Please don't hate me. Even if I am poor, I still want to be liked..."

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