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   Chapter 21 Miracle Or Fate

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Rosie rested her chin on her hands and thought for a while. Then she shook her head. "I don't remember anything else. I just can't remember at the moment. But my brother is the kind of person who is very faithful when he likes. For example, if he likes a book, he will read it several times. If he likes a movie, he will also read it several times. lf he likes a person..."

"Forget it. Let bygones be bygones. It won't make any sense to him until he wakes up no matter what hobbies and interests he has." Rosie stopped suddenly.

"Your brother must be a single-minded and kind-hearted man."

"Yes, you are right. My brother is a thoughtful man. If I'm not happy, he will always try to make me happy, but things are unpredictable."

Sadness was plain in Rosie's eyes. She looked at Rogelio, "Rogelio, wake up please. We miss you so much."

Seeing Rogelio, Rosie couldn't help but feel sad. After staying for a while, she left.

Since Rosie left, I wanted to have a try as this morning.

"Hi, Rogelio. I am Michelle."

Since Rogelio had reaction, I had been like a thief who stole Michelle's name. I just hoped that a miracle would really appear.

I didn't tell the Luo family about it because I was afraid that it would give them a false joy, which would break the rare tranquility they had now.

Looking at Rogelio, who had recovered as usual, I sighed.

I took a look at the weather outside. I wanted to give some fresh air for Rogelio and also for myself.

"Rogelio, have you been sad? When happiness deviates from its original appearance... "

"Are the sadness too much for you to wake up? Or you know that sleeping is the happiest way to face this world? "

"But what is it? What is it that is more important than your family who are caring about you?"

"A few days ago, the chef cooked sweet-and-sour spareribs in the kitchen. Mrs. Nancy cried when she saw the dish. I heard that it was one of your favorite dishes."

"Mrs. Nancy seldom comes to see you because she will be sad when she sees your current appearance, not because she doesn't love you, but because she loves you too much. Like me, although I have always wanted to be with you, I dare not face you like this, because I am sad, because I don't know how to go on alone..."

A gust of wind blew, and Rogelio's scarf was a little loose. I walked towards him from behind and crouched down to wrap the scarf for him.

But I stopped as soon as I touched it.

Rogelio's eyes were opened!

"Ro... Rogelio..."

Rogelio's eyeballs did not move, he stared at somewhere like a nerd.

I had always hoped that Rogelio would wake up. However, when he opened his eyes for the first time, I was in a panic.

Yes, I was muddled.

I was running towards the villa as fast as I can.

I stood in the hall and shouted with my loudest voice, "someone come here. Call the doctor. Rogelio woke up. He opened his eyes. He's awake..."

At first, it was dead silence in the hall.

Then several doors were pushed open abruptly. Among them were Rosie and Mrs. Nancy.

"Where? My son woke up... "

I pointed out the garden to the person who heard the news, "Rogelio is in the garden. He opened his eyes."

Everyone extracted the information from my words, but no one paid attention to me. I was ignore

d as the air. They ran away from me.

After a short while, the group of people escorted Rogelio back.

Rogelio was surrounded so tightly that I couldn't see his condition at all.

Only to hear someone happy to say to Mrs. Nancy, "Mrs. Nancy, Mr. Rogelio really opened his eyes. He is becoming healthy now."

"Mrs. Nancy, I have called the private doctor and he is on his way here. He will be here soon."

"Mrs. Nancy, it is very lucky for Mr. Rogelio to wake up. You must be blessed by God for seeing your sincerity..."

"Yeah, it must be because God has been moved by Mrs. Nancy's strict vegetarian meals on the first and fifteenth day of every month..."

I was pushed far behind and Rogelio had been pushed into the room. When I was about to follow in, Maria pushed me out and said, "wait outside. Don't make trouble."

At this moment, I really want to stay with Rogelio and see how he is doing. If he needs, I'm willing to continue to be that girl named Michelle.

But I was stopped at the door. I could do nothing but wait outside anxiously for the result.

The doctor was surrounded in the ward and Robbie came back home after hearing the news.

I'm the most unqualified person in the corner to get close to him.

At that moment, every minute and every second had become a torment.

After waiting for several centuries, the door of Rogelio's room finally opened. The doctor walked in the center, followed by Mrs. Nancy.

"I'm not sure whether Mr. Rogelio has woken up or not. But I'm sure it's a good sign. Mr. Rogelio is likely to wake up. I'll arrange a comprehensive physical examination for him to give a more accurate judgment. Please don't worry, Mrs. Nancy. After all, he had been sleeping for a long time. It will take a long time to recover, even if he is awake, to gain consciousness and to run. He won't be like the normal person immediately. "

Holding the doctor's hand excitedly, Mrs. Nancy said with tears and excitement in her eyes, "doctor, thank you so much. Please help my son get through this difficulty and wake him up."

The doctor nodded and said, "Mrs. Nancy, please trust me. I will try my best to help Mr. Rogelio recover."

Mrs. Nancy's eyes were full of gratitude and expectation.

"Maria, hurry up. Send the doctor back."

People gathering at the door left a lot, leaving only a few people waiting for their presence. Seeing that the doctor had left, Mrs. Nancy was about to enter the room again.

I was so worried that I moved one step forward uncontrollably.

The moment Mrs. Nancy saw me, her excited eyes became cold again.

It was not easy to look at her, but out of concern, I asked, "Mrs. Nancy, how is Rogelio?"

The way Mrs. Nancy looked at me didn't soften a little even though Rogelio woke up.


With a heavy hum, Mrs. Nancy slammed the door again.

I had nowhere to go and I didn't want to go anywhere else. I was really concerned about Rogelio at the moment.

But soon after Mrs. Nancy entered the room, there was a cacophony of quarrelling.

"I really don't know whether both of you have been brainwashed by that thief. Why do you all speak for her? I warn you, no matter what you say today, she must get out of the Luo family immediately. She can't stay there for even a minute. "

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