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   Chapter 17 Beyond My Reach

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For my mother's words, the sudden appearance of Robbie did not pay attention to me and my mother, but look very respectful to Mrs. Nancy, "Mum, I will handle this."

It seemed that Mrs. Nancy felt a little relieved to see Robbie, but she didn't forget to glance at us to show that she was tired of this.

"You're making a fool of yourself. I'm really tired. Get rid of them quickly and then come to me. I have something to tell you."

Then she turned around and went upstairs.

It was not until Mrs. Nancy went upstairs that Robbie gave everyone a light smile.

It was the first time that I had seen Robbie wearing an almost invisible smile. Although that kind of smile disappeared in an instant, but compared with the man I used to see, he looked like a different man.

I don't know how I feel about it. His smile is so infectious and it makes me feel very comfortable.

"I don't know if you like this talent show or not. But Rosie always thinks it's boring to have a drink and chat every time, so today I created a spice show."

As soon as these words came out of Robbie's mouth, everyone was confused, and then someone relieved and believed it. "It turned out to be fake?"

"In fact, my mother has always hoped that my sister and me could get married. I want to frighten her in this way every time she wants us to get married immediately."

His words caused some people's laughter.

Robbie convinced everyone that it was just a scene easily.

"Actually, this is a friend of mine. I invited her to be my temporary partner."

"Oh, so you are Mr. Robbie's friend!"

Some people began to make mischief, "look, what she wear is not like something a maid can wear. It must be one of Mr. Robbie's friends."

Rosie, who had been nervous for a long time, finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, "an exciting show, let's continue!"

"Rosie, don't let your brother host this kind of show again. It's so frightening. If your brother really get such relatives by marriage, that will become the laughingstock."

Rosie looked in the direction of me and nodded to them with an unnatural smile, but there was no viciousness and dissatisfaction in her eyes at me.

Those people finally left and began to chat and laugh again.

When everyone turned their attention away from us, Robbie turned his gaze indifferently to my mother.

My mother wasn't as arrogant as she was before when she faced Robbie. "son, my son-in-law..."

Robbie's eyes darted a glance of indifference, "Even if she married in, it doesn't mean that you have any relationship with the Luo family. She and you are different. You are not allowed to show your identity outside and in the Luo family. You shouldn't come here. I hope this is the last time."

My mother asked Robbie with a big smile, "Are you still angry about what happened that night? As the old saying goes, no discord no concord. If I didn't do that, you and Jasmine wouldn't have... "

My mom said, smiling evilly and putting her two thumbs together.

My mother makes me feel so humiliated.

However, my mother was still talking to herself, "is it because Jasmine didn't make you happy these days? She's a green hand and not good in bed, but she can practice. She can do better sooner or later. Don't worry, if you're embarrassed, I will teach her... "

"Mom, that's enough. You'd better leave now. Don't say anything more and never come again."

My mother glared at me. "Why can't I say? I didn't lie. "

With an indifferent expression, Robbie stretched his right hand into his embrace and pulled out a check. "If you don't want to get yourself into trouble, just forget what happened that night. No matter whom you were with, don't say a word, or I promise you that your life will be more difficult than before."

I didn't think my mother really cared about what Robbie said at all. She just looked at the check in his hand with excitement.

She grabbed the cheque from him rather than taking it fro

m his hand.

She folded it carefully and pressed it into the bra along the collar as if it was a treasure.

When my mom got what she wanted, she would behave well. She said, "then go on with your work. Have a good time. I'm sorry to bother you here."

My mother nodded and bowed to say goodbye. When I was about to take a breath of relief, I saw Mrs. Nancy, who once again walked towards the fence on the second floor.

The expression in Mrs. Nancy's eyes at that time made my heart sink to the bone.

Later I realized that holding your head high does not guarantee that you owe your dignity.

"I'll walk her out."

I weakly said a word to Robbie, but did not get any response, even just a glance.

I clenched my hands into fists powerlessly. At that time, I only felt ashamed.

As soon as my mom and I walked to a place where no one was around, my mom spat in the direction of the Luo family disgustingly.

"They just have a few stinking money and think themselves superior. Look down upon me? I fucking look down on them too! Wearing some revealing clothes, they think they are nobler than anyone else. No one is nobler in the bathroom. "

"That's enough. Didn't you get the money a few days ago? Why are you still here? "

My mom raised the corner of her mouth and looked at me sarcastically, "do you also think that I disgraced you like them?"

I did not speak, but answered with silence.

"You're ashamed of me? In my opinion, you are a disgrace. You have been in the Luo family for a long time. Look at you. You are still nobody. It seems that the Luo family's servants don't pay much attention to you. Otherwise, when I said that I am your mother, they wouldn't treat me like that. "

"But they said that you were Mr. Rogelio's maid. What is all this going on? I'm not that stupid to believe Robbie spend 130000 just to buy a maid."

I bit my lips and what emerges in front of me was the image of Rogelio unable to open his eyes and laugh.

"I'm not married to him. So don't talk nonsense in the future. Be careful."

My mom asked me curiously, "then who did you marry?"


"The one who had a car accident and was almost dead in the Luo family?"

My mother seemed know the Luo family well.

I didn't say anything, but my mother curled her lips and sneered, "I wondered why Robbie would marry such a despicable woman like you. It turned out that he wanted you to marry that vegetable!"

My mother smiled brightly.

However, my mother didn't feel sorry or remorse for my marriage.

"You gave your first night to him, but you married his brother. No wonder he asked me to forget about it. Is he helping his brother test his goods? Or help enter the bridal chamber? Help vegetable person marry wife? "

My mother said it in a relaxed tone as if she was telling a joke about someone else.

She patted her chest to check whether there was a check.

She said it seemed that the money was still not enough.

I warned my mother not to overdo it and not to come here again. I was nobody here and I didn't have the ability to bring her any benefit.

My mom poked my head hard and looked at me as if I was an idiot.

"How could I give birth to a fool like you!"

"Rogelio is just a vegetable!"

"Come on. You already made love with Robbie, it doesn't matter if you do it again. Fucking his sister-in-law is thrilling. To him, thirty, twenty thousand is the same as our thirty-two cents."

My mother spit on me. She taught me to take making love with Robbie as the most important thing in my life and make getting his money as my goal in life.

It was not until she was tired that she said she would come to see me again when she used up the money.

I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth to tell my mother not to come any more.

My mom smiled, squinting at me like a vampire, told me --That's impossible.

At that moment, I felt that I had no light in my darkest life. The dawn was beyond my reach.

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