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   Chapter 16 An Inescapable Nightmare

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My mother stood in front of Mrs. Nancy without any shyness, beaming with courtesy.

"Mrs. Nancy, since my daughter married you, we haven't met each other yet. I have paid a visit today deliberately to greet you. But I didn't expect that your family would be so lively today."

As she spoke, my mother waved to the crowd around her, grinning, and didn't care what people think of her.

Casting a sidelong glance at her, Mike rubbed his temples with his fingers and his mood seemed to have fallen to the bottom of the valley.

My mom pursed her lips with a smile. She didn't take Mrs. Nancy's attitude seriously, and went on enthusiastically saying, "We will get familiar with more meetings. Let's hang out more often from now on!"

"Who is this lunatic? Is she paranoid? Where is Jasmine? Why haven't her come yet? Ask her to take this crazy woman out. "

His attitude didn't affect her at all, but my mother turned a deaf ear to it. She sat down next to him, and was still not going to leave sensible.

I knew my mother so well that I was scared. I rushed over and pulled her up from Mrs. Nancy.

"Why are you here?"

When my mother saw me, she was like holding the trump card. She didn't look at me that way she used to. Instead, she was very kind to me, which only made me feel more uneasy.

"Daughter should go back home after getting married for three days. But you haven't come back to see me even though you have been married for such a long time. Now that you don't come back, as a mother I should come to visit you, right?"

When she spoke, there was a flash of slyness in her eyes.

"You have seen me now. I'm fine here. Now let me walk you out."

I pulled my mother's sleeves and tried to pull her away from Mrs. Nancy.

But my mom withdrew her arm. Obviously, she didn't want to leave.

Mrs. Nancy gave both of us a glance in disgust.

"Jasmine, what happened between you and your mother? What does your mother mean by saying that you are our daughter-in-law of the Luo family in front of so many people? Are you really my daughter-in-law? "

I bit my lips, and my eyes fell upon Robbie who was walking down the stairs step by step. "No, mom, you're wrong. How could I be the daughter-in-law of the Luo family? I'm just the personal maid who served Mr. Rogelio."

My mom frowned and asked, "maid? What maid? It was clear that you were asked to marry into the Luo family? Why did you become a maid? "

The guests, who had been watching the fun, began to whisper to each other in a sarcastic tone and pointed at my mom and me.

"You see, this old woman must have been driven crazy by the desire of money. She even dreamed of her daughter marrying to the Luo family. Her daughter came here to be a maid and she unexpectedly thought that she had become the daughter-in-law of the Luo family."

"Yes. She must be insane. Why did they still allow him to stay here? It's humiliating the Luo family!"

"In my opinion, you should drive this maid away along with the old woman.

Why did they hire such a maid?"

"This kind of person are not allowed to stay in my house for one more minute."

"Mom, you heard what people said. Come with me." I dragged my mother down again.

However, my mother didn't pay any attention to them at all. She looked around the house of the Luo family and asked, "I won't listen to you. Where is my new son-in-law, Robbie? I've been here for so long. Why haven't I seen him? I want to ask him in person why my daughter became a maid. "

Hearing my mother's words, I couldn't help but swallow and glanced nervously at Mrs. Nancy.

Mrs. Nancy frowned. Although she didn't want to say anything more, she finally stood up from the sofa.

She lifted her chin and squinted at me and my mother, as if warning to my mother.

"Your daughter is just the maid of Rogelio. She has nothing to do with Rogelio, let alone Robbie. Don't you know your own family and identity? It's just a joke."

My mother gave her a stern look as usual.

But she restrained her anger and didn't get mad at Mrs. Nancy. Instead, she turned back and asked me, "isn't Robbie? What? Rogelio? Jasmine. Tell me, what was she talking about? "

I couldn't help glancing at those disdainful eyes, as if I was really daydreaming.

Then I tried to pull her away, "Mom, let's stop talking here. Go with me. We can talk outside."

My mom shook off my hand from hers.

"I won't go out. I'll talk about it here. There are so many people here. Let's make it clear to them, so that they won't think I am insane. Then they will know I am able to be Robbie's mother-in-law. "

At that moment, my heart beat rapidly.

I was really afraid that my mother would tell people what happened that night.

I didn't know how the awkward situation between me and Robbie will turn into, if Mrs. Nancy knows.

I couldn't imagine what kind of storm it will cause if people present know my relationship with Robbie.

"You crazy woman! If you continue to talk nonsense, I will call the police and sue you for defamation."

My mother looked at Mrs. Nancy with a sneer. Pointing at herself, she sneered, "what did you say? If you want to sue me, just do it. I can sue your son as well. "

"Our family has no guilt. Why should I be afraid of your accusation?"

Flushed, Mrs. Nancy thought it was a great shame for her to argue with my mother in front of so many people.

But my mother is not much better than a ruffian, not to mention that she doesn't care about my decency at all.

My mother pointed at Mrs. Nancy's nose and said, "you are so ungrateful. I respect you, so I call you Mrs. Nancy for the sake of our relatives. But you didn't appreciate my kindness and even said my daughter was a maid. Come on. Call Robbie. I won't talk with you. I will tell Robbie."

"Faye, who allowed you to come here?"

A cold voice came from behind. I turned around and almost bumped into the tall man.

And upon hearing this voice, my mother was more restrained than before.

"Son, son-in-law..."

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