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   Chapter 12 A Choice

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Once I learned a lesson from that, my first reaction was to doubt if Fannie was stealing again.

But apart from that, what I'm more worried about is if they will put the charges of theft on me again.

I couldn't help but feel a little scared. At this time, the door behind me was opened, and out came Robbie.

When their eyes met, Robbie first looked at his wrist and glanced at his watch.

"May I ask you something?"

Seeing that Robbie was leaving, I couldn't help but ask, hoping he can answer my question.

Robbie didn't answer but also didn't leave, waiting quietly for me to speak.

"Is that Michelle Rogelio's lover? Where is she now? "

There was a sudden frown on Robbie's calm face, and a flicker of anger in his eyes.

Although I didn't see him often, I haven't seen him like this.

His frown made me regret having asked him such a stupid question.

But now he had recovered quickly. Robbie seemed to have told me in a warning tone, "In this world, love is the most fragile thing. What attracts the most is love, and the cruelest is love. If it is true love, then who do you think should be with Rogelio today?"

I thought Robbie's answer was a hint to me. He wanted to tell me that Michelle left Rogelio after the accident.

But later I learned that human heart is a very complicated thing, and some truth is far more simple than you think.

After saying a few words to me, Robbie turned around and left.

I saw him enter a room not far from us, he also lives on the third floor.

The next morning, everything was so calm that I had forgotten that Fannie I saw in a trance yesterday.

Maybe it's because of what Robbie said last night, I didn't want to read the love letter of Michelle. If it's really like what he said, that love for Rogelio was not a happy memory, but a tragedy.

It's fine outside. I've been thinking about taking Rogelio out to bask in the sun for a couple of days, and the idea came to me again.

This time, I called Leo, and he readily agreed to my request. He helped me put Rogelio into the wheelchair and send him to the garden outside the villa.

I was wandering alone in the garden with Rogelio. "It's very nice today, Rogelio. Do you smell the fragrance of the flowers? Do you think the air outside is fresh? "

"It would be nice if you could open your eyes and have a look. The world is actually very beautiful, isn't it? Why are you so reluctant to leave and not willing to open your eyes? If you still want to be self willed, let me be your eyes... "

When I was talking to Rogelio, a girl suddenly appeared in front of us. She threw away her luggage in a casual manner and opened her arms to give him a big hug.

After hugging Rogelio for nearly a minute, the girl muttered, "Brother, I'm back. I miss you. Do you miss me?"

I saw the girl in front of me. She was dressed in casual clothes, a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, with a black backpack on her back, and her long hair hanging down, a peaked cap hanging on the top of her head.

The girl looked up, with her big clear eyes blinking beautifully.

The girl looked a

t me curiously, but there was no viciousness in her eyes. She smiled and asked, "who are you? Are you new here? "

She made me feel comfortable to look at her. That way of living is a state of life I most admire. But I have never smiled so happily like her when I was at the same age with her.

"My name is Jasmine. I am here to take care of Rogelio."

The girl reached out her hand and said with a smile, "nice to meet you. My name is Rosie Luo. I'm Rogelio's sister. It seems that my brother looks much better than he was when I saw him in the video. You must have taken good care of him."

Rosie Luo was an outgoing and friendly girl. She seemed to be talkative the first time we met.

At that time, she was like the sunshine in the morning in my eyes, warm and comfortable.

"Hello, nice to meet you. I heard that you would come back tomorrow."

"I lied to them. I wanted to give them a surprise," Rosie Luo gave me a wink.

Rosie Luo handed her phone to me with a smile. "I didn't expect to see my brother first when I got home. Come here and take a picture of him and me."

As Rosie Luo spoke, she stood behind Rogelio, cradled his neck with her arms and gave him a sweet smile, as if he was not in a vegetative state.

"Miss Rosie, why are you here? When did you come back? I'll tell Mrs. Nancy now. She has been looking forward to your coming back every day. "

When Maria passed by the garden, she saw Rosie Luo.

She couldn't hide his excitement in her tone, looking at Rosie Luo.

"I miss you so much, Maria," Rosie Luo walked up and hugged Maria.

Maria was so happy to hear this that she wanted to tell Mrs. Nancy.

But Maria, who was about to leave, glanced at me again and her face darkened.

"Miss Rosie, there are too many people in our family. Not everyone is worth your friendship. Come back with me."

Maria glanced at me and picked up Rosie Luo's luggage on the ground.

"You'd better remember what happened last time. Mr. Rogelio is too weak to bear your torture."

Blinking her eyes and giving me a sympathetic look, Rosie Luo was dragged into the villa by Maria.

After Rosie Luo was out of sight, I took a deep breath to relieve myself.

I ridiculed myself with a smile, tightening the scarf around Rogelio's neck and covering his legs with the cashmere blanket.

"Did you hear that? Your wife is not welcomed at all. "

"Maria doesn't like me. I understand her. If you can wake up one day, will you hate me the same? Will you blame them for marrying me without your consent? "

As I was teasing myself to Rogelio, I heard someone shouting my name.

"Jasmine, Mrs. Nancy asked you to see her."

There were still unfriendly shouts, but the one who called me just Fannie again.

I clenched the hands of the wheelchair and hesitated to believe her.

After all, last time it was Fannie who lied to me and told me that Mrs. Nancy asked me to see her, but she splashed the dirty water over me.

Fannie's eyes still implied that kind of complacent smile.

"Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Robbie are waiting for you. Hurry up. Don't ask for trouble."

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