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   Chapter 11 Humble Stubbornness

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"Love", what a sacred word, but only a few people could see through it at the very beginning.

I've been with Rogelio only for a month. Moreover, he was a vegetable like a doll who wouldn't talk to me or laugh at me.

No one could imagine how I would fall in love with a man like Rogelio. At that time, even I didn't think I would have any feelings for him.

I always thought that I only showed no rejection to my marriage with Rogelio. I took good care of him because I respected his kindness, appreciated the pure love between him and Michelle, and sympathized with him for his youth as he had slept on the bed all his life.

So when Robbie asked me what I wanted to prove to him, I didn't know what to say.

I can't blame Robbie for his attitude, because it was a money transaction back to the original version of this matter.

And when I was forced to leave by Mrs. Nancy, I was forced to turn back. Apart from Rogelio, it was more because I didn't have the money to return Robbie.

"It's up to you. You say it's a money transaction, but I will find a way to return the money to you in the future. Take it as a way to redeem dignity as Rogelio's wife."

I tried my best to avoid the Robbie's gaze at me because I didn't want to see anyone despise me.

My eyes were downcast most of the time. I didn't know what Robbie thinks of what I have said.

I put my hand into the pocket of my clothes, took out the wage card given by Mrs. Nancy and stuffed it into the hand of Robbie.

"This is my wage card from Mrs. Nancy. She said she would transfer money to here on tenth every month. I know you all think I was married for money. Anyway, I'm now Rogelio's wife. From the moment I married him, it's my responsibility to take care of him. I can't accept the money, but if I don't take it, Mrs. Nancy won't be relieved. Anyway, I will give this card to you first. "

With a quick glance at the wage card, Robbie said, "as far as I know, this is your only economic source. If you want to pay your debt with this money, I don't mind taking it."

"I will not pay your debt with the Luo family's money." Looking up at Robbie's eyes, I said

Robbie's eyes were really very beautiful, with a little bit of incomprehensible deep. At that moment, I suddenly wondered if Rogelio's eyes are the same as Robbie's.

The healthy Rogelio must be as good-looking as Robbie.

I thought that Robbie would disdain my poor self-esteem and stubbornness, but Robbie put the card into his pocket naturally.

I was a little relieved to see him behave like this.

I came back in the car of Robbie. Leo has already left for something urgent.

Sitting in the same car with Robbie, the small space made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Maybe it's because of that night, or because I thought he would be my husband.

"Thank you for bringing me back. Thank you for helping me. It's time to feed Rogelio the water. I'm going upstairs."

When I got off the car, I thanked him and rushed upstairs.


The voice of Mrs. Nancy came from not far away. I stopped at the staircase and looked to the direction of the voice.

As expected this unfrie

ndly tone was said by Mrs. Nancy to me.

"Where did you go just now?"

"I have to go back to my home to deal with something urgent."

Mrs. Nancy snorted, "You have things to deal with? Go back to have a look? You went home and sold the loot, didn't you? You have stolen my jewelry last time. Why didn't you return it back to me? "

My fingers fastened tightly to the banister, "Mrs. Nancy, I didn't steal anything. How can I pay you back? "

"I know you have a sharp tongue and won't admit it. It doesn't matter if you don't give it back to me. I won't wear it no matter what you have touched or not."

I don't want to talk about this anymore, so I said to Mrs. Nancy, "Mrs. Nancy, if there is nothing else, I will go upstairs. Rogelio is waiting for me."

My words drew Mrs. Nancy to do a heavy snort, "Self-righteous, my son is waiting for you? Don't be a killjoy. By the way, Rosie will come back from abroad the day after tomorrow. We will hold a party for her at home that night. Many guests will come to our house. You'd better hide yourself in the corner. Don't cause us any trouble. "

"I will, Mrs. Nancy."

I ran upstairs hastily to get out of the sight of Mrs. Nancy. It was not until I closed the door that I felt the world was peaceful again.

I walked to Rogelio who was still sleeping quietly. As I took off my coat, I said to him, "Rogelio, I'm back. I let you wait for a long time. Are you thirsty? I'll feed you water now. "

I sat beside Rogelio and fed him water and said, "I heard from Mrs. Nancy that Rosie would be back the day after tomorrow? Who is Rosie? Your surname and hers sounds alike. So she is also a member of the Luo family, right? "

"By the way, Mrs. Nancy said she was going to hold a party for Rosie at home the evening the day after tomorrow. There will be a lot of people at home. I haven't seen what a party looks like. It must be very interesting!"

After chatting with Rogelio for a while, I was still not sleepy. So I walked to Rogelio's shelf and picked up a book.

"《Mr. President》-- in a sweet dream, everyone is equal. But when the sun rose and the fight for survival began again, how unfair people are... "

I thought it was like talking about my life. So I leaned on the long and narrow sofa and kept reading for a while until my eyelids became heavy.

But the gentle knocks at the door pulled me back from my drowsiness.

It was Robbie who was standing at the door.

Having changed into a casual home wear, Robbie looked more charming compared with him in a suit.

But when Robbie opened his mouth, his tone was polite, but a bit cold.

"I know it's a little late, but I want to have a look at Rogelio. Please wait for me at the door."

I know that he did this to avoid suspicion, so I am also willing to quietly go out. I gently closed the door. I stood in the corridor, holding the railing, quietly waited for Robbie to come out.

When I was bored, a figure flashed through the living room with only wall lights on.

I rubbed my eyes and looked carefully. Why is that running figure and direction so similar to

I silently read her name in my mind ——Fannie?

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