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   Chapter 8 Good Time Being Sucked

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Rogelio's room has become the only shelter for me in the world.

I sat on the bedside of Rogelio and looked at the bruise on his leg caused by me. "I'm sorry, Rogelio. I almost hurt you today."

Rogelio lay there quietly. He was the only person who didn't have any expression on his face to me.

At that moment, I couldn't help but cry to Rogelio.

I curled up my legs and put my feet on Rogelio's bed, with my hands holding my legs.

"My father eloped with another woman when I was a child. Since my brother is a boy, my grandparents took him to their home for care, and left me alone to my mother. "

"My mother used to have nothing to do, and often left me alone at home. At that time, I was hungry every day."

"In order to go to school and not suffer from hunger, I picked up the water bottles, abandoned paper shells, and I also sold popsicles on the street..."

I was about to burst into tears, but I managed to hold them back.

"In order to pay my tuition, I only have two meals every day, and sometimes I only have one steamed bun. But even so, my mother came back occasionally because of losing all her money, and then she would take away my hard-earned tuition..."

"I don't know how I have endured all these years. No one could understand how I felt when I grew up in fear with my mother. They said that I married you for your money. In fact, no one wants a warm family more than me..."

There were two knocks on the door. I wiped the tears with the back of my hand and quickly got out of Rogelio's bed. "Come in."

The door was pushed open. I didn't expect that Robbie would show up at the door.

He glanced at me and then looked at Rogelio.

Robbie walked gracefully to the bedside and took a look at the sleeping Rogelio. Then he put a small bottle on the night table with his right hand in his hand.

"You can use this medicine on where Rogelio injured."

Robbie turned around and took a glance at the bruises at my ankles, "sure, you can use it too."

My heart skipped a beat at that moment. I couldn't help but want to hide my hands.

No one in the Luo family cared if I was hurt too. Since my father eloped with another woman, no one has shown any concern about me.

It's funny that I was touched by Robbie's small action.

And the most pathetic part was that I felt appreciate and uncomfortable at the same time as I had never been cared.

After leaving the medicine, Robbie was about to leave, but the wheelchair next to him stopped him again.

His slender fingers swept across the back of the chair of the wheelchair, and his deep voice rang in the room like a subwoofer. "You are really easy to hurt Rogelio alone. Next time you can ask Leo for help, he will help you."

Robbie moved his finger off the wheelchair and was really out of my sight.

I was stunned and somehow felt a little happy.

I turned around and looked at Rogelio, "Did you hear that?"

After what happened today, I thought I wouldn't have the chance to take Rogelio to bask in the sun again, but I didn't expect that I would get Robbie's permiss


The morning sunlight dispelled the dark night, and we can never refuse the passage of time.

"Rogelio, the moment you hug me, the moment you hold my hand, my world was boiled because of you, and my heart was melt because of you. I felt that I was the happiest woman in the world."

"You said you like me too, and you said you would always hold my hand like this, but I want to tell you that I wish we could be together like this in this life, in next life... Michelle. "

Whenever I read these love letters to Rogelio, I would imagine a beautiful picture in front of my eyes, where two lovers walked side by side.

I believe that they love each other very much. If it wasn't like what they are now, Rogelio must be living a happy life with the one he loves.

Fearing that Rogelio's muscle would stiffen after a long sleep, Mrs. Nancy hired a professional masseur to do a massage for him every day.

However, it only took the masseuse an hour to massage his whole body every time.

I don't think it's enough. How can a person only get one hour of exercise a day. What's more, he is a patient who needs more practice.

So every time after I read the letter and served Rogelio with food and drink, I sat beside his bed and massaged his muscles like a masseuse until I felt my hands ache.

And Every time, I would play some records in Rogelio's room at the same time and listen to it quietly with him.

Although no one in the Luo family showed any kindness to me because of Mrs. Nancy's attitude toward me. Besides, they kept away from me because of the charge of theft. I lived in an isolated world and no one came to care about me.

But every time I was with Rogelio, I felt a little relieved.

"Rogelio, although you can't get up and talk to me, I am still happy that you are willing to be with me. I talk a lot to you every day. Do you think I am very annoying?"

From time to time, I would watch him quietly for a few seconds. Seeing that he did not respond to me, I would joke and say, "if you don't speak, I will take it as your love to listen to my long winded words."

Life will never be tolerant of you even if you are in trouble.

And it constantly sucked on me, the little bit humble and beautiful part of me.

There are many things that you can't really get rid of, just like my mom.

I thought I could at least live without her, but her call broke the silence I wanted most.

I remember when I hesitated to answer my mother's phone, she cried and begged me, using her usual hypocritical lowly.

"My dear daughter, help me please. I have no choice but to call you. They forced me to pay them back today. If not, they will cut off my fingers --"

I gritted my teeth, and my voice trembled with anger. "How long did you sell me? Why do you owe them money again? I don't have money and I can't help you either. It's better to cut your fingers, in case you gamble again in the future. "

My mom cried even louder, "how can you be so heartless? I'm your mom! Don't you remember why my left hand can't carry heavy things until now?"

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