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   Chapter 7 Disgusting Hypocrisy

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I can't remember how Rogelio was carried back to his room in the turmoil. The only thing I remember is that the first thing Mrs. Nancy saw me after she heard that and came back was to slap me.

"I didn't drive you away. Instead of keeping yourself out of trouble and deeply appreciating me, you haven't fulfilled your duty. And now, are you trying to kill my son?"

"What benefits will you get from killing him? I tell you, if anything happens to my son, you will get out of here at once. No, you get out right now. "

Pointing at the door, Mrs. Nancy wished I could disappear in this world immediately.

"Mrs. Nancy, I'm so sorry that I almost hurt Rogelio, but I really just want to take him..."

"Shut up! I don't want to listen to you!"

Mrs. Nancy stopped my words. She don't even want to give me a chance to defend myself.

"What are you waiting for? Do you want me to send you out? If you still know what shame is, get out of here now. "

The hysteria of Mrs. Nancy fully illustrated her hatred for me.

I looked up at the room on the third floor worriedly and wanted to see how Rogelio was now and wanted to know did he get injured because of me.

But I know that Mrs. Nancy won't give me any chance to approach Rogelio any more.

Out of politeness, I still bowed to Mrs. Nancy to show my apology to what happened on Rogelio.

I turned and walked towards the door, but I saw Fannie looking at me gloatingly.

I wanted to expose her, but I didn't have any evidence. People present won't believe me and they will think I'm a bitch.

At that moment, I thought it was better for me to leave. As long as I left, everything here will have nothing to do with me.

I don't know when Robbie stood in the doorway, like a wall, blocking all my way.

I looked at his toes and slowly raised my head until my eyes met his cold ones.

I bit my lips and lowered my head again. "I'm sorry."

"Robbie, it's so good for you to come back. Don't you know that this woman almost took your brother down from the stairs today? She even made a bruise on your brother's leg. If anything happens to your brother, I will kill him today..."

As soon as Mrs. Nancy saw Robbie, she pointed at me and rebuked me again.

"I heard about it. And I also knew that my brother was safe today," said Robbie, walking passed me and towards Mrs. Nancy.

Robbie replied plainly. It seemed that Mrs. Nancy was somewhat dissatisfied with his response.

"What do you mean? Do you really want to make a thriller before you stop? Robbie, don't tell mom. You are still trying to persuade me to let her stay after such thing happened. "

Robbie was standing by the side of Mrs. Nancy. So I could not see his expression, and only heard him say to Mrs. Nancy in a particularly calm voice: "Then I will give you another reason today. If she leaves the Luo family and divorce Rogelio, you will know the money she is qualified to own. Even if there is only 10% of the property, you should know it's a large sum of money."

The moment I saw Mrs. Nancy frowned and glared at me.

"I knew it! I knew it! We shouldn't have let her marry Rogelio so rashly. Didn't you think carefully about her before? Look at her! She doesn't deserve Rogelio at all! "

Annoyed, Mrs. Nancy sat on the sofa with tears in his eyes. She dabbed her wet eyes with her fingers.

Robbie sat down next to Mrs. Nancy, and said, "

Mom, I have to say it again. We need a person to be with Rogelio, it will be very difficult for us to be with him for a lifetime."

After a moment's silence, the anger on her face was alleviated a little.

However, something occurred to her all of a sudden. She pointed at me and asked Robbie, "but if your brother... Your brother's will all be hers. "

Robbie looked at me through Mrs. Nancy's fingers "Let's sign a contract. If my brother dies, all his property will have nothing to do with you. Only when he is alive can you have a comfortable life in the Luo family."

I have never thought of luxury clothes and food, nor have I dreamed of getting property. I only know that my self-esteem has been trampled again and again in front of them.

After pondering for a while, Mrs. Nancy took a deep breath and said, although he still looked very discontented, "Well, in this way, she may pay more attention to your brother and serve him well. If she is willing to sign the contract, I can give her another chance. But if she stirs up trouble again, I can't agree to keep her anymore. "

Mrs. Nancy finally relented, but I was not happy about staying. I would rather they drove me out.

A contract was received to me in a short time, and the signature pen was handed to me.

I hesitated when signing on the agreement not because I am reluctant to accept the heritage, but because it is an insult to me.

But in the eyes of Mrs. Nancy, my hesitation was just a way to expose my greediness. She snorted, "well, look at your conspiracy!"

I took a deep breath, looked at the two people on the sofa and said, "Mrs. Nancy, believe it or not, I married Rogelio and never thought of getting anything from the Luo family. If there is one thing I want, it is a home."

I compressed my lips and tried to control myself from crying out because of the excitement.

But Mrs. Nancy sniffed coldly at my heartfelt words, "Your hypocrisy makes me feel disgusting!"

My hand gripped the signature pen tightly. I remembered that my hands were trembling when I gritted my teeth to sign the contract.

As soon as Mrs. Nancy took the contract that I had signed, she stood up tiredly and said, "Robbie, I am really tired of this girl. I am going to have a rest. And you, don't leave tonight. Don't leave any more, just stay with me. I am too lonely."

"Okay, I'm not leaving tonight."

Seeing that Robbie had not promised her to stay all the time, Mrs. Nancy was still a little disappointed.

Since Mrs. Nancy had talked about this topic for too many times, she knew that there was no point in talking about it anymore. So she asked Maria to go upstairs with her.

It was not until Mrs. Nancy left that Robbie took out a cigarette and lit it. Leaning against the sofa, he blew out a puff of smoke.

"Do you have money to pay me back?"

Robbie suddenly asked, let me do not understand and stunned.

"Since you can't pay me back, you must ask my mother to let you go, even if you kneel down instead of just leaving easily."

I looked at Robbie, but he was watching the rising smoke in his hand.

"You have to know that I am your employer."

"Employer?" I couldn't help but tease myself. With a smile on my face, I said, "yes, you are right. This marriage is a money transaction."

When everyone didn't care about the truth, what that experience taught me was to stop explaining.

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