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   Chapter 6 It's All Because Of Me

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"Rogelio, the letter I gave you last time, you didn't respond to it. It made me very nervous and sleepless. I thought that means you refused me."

"But you came to me with a bear cake yesterday. You said that because it's my favorite food, you bought it when you saw it. So you actually remember what I like..."

"Do you still remember where you found me when I got lost? It makes me feel that it is the happiest place in the world. If you have accepted me, I will wait for you there. We'll be there or square——Michelle. "

In the morning, I was reading the second letter in the box for Rogelio. When it came to Michelle, I deliberately slowed down the speed and raised my head to observe him.

Seeing his no reaction, I was a little disappointed.

But when I was about to put the letter back far and stand up, I seemed to feel a slight reaction from Rogelio.

But when I looked back at him again seriously, it seemed nothing had happened.

I took a deep breath and shook my head, and couldn't help thinking 'maybe I am so anxious for a miracle to happen, so I got such an illusion.'

I glanced out the window at the sunny weather. I remember I have read on the files when searching information. It's better for the People in a vegetative state should also often be exposed to the sun.

Thinking of this, I asked Rogelio who was on the bed, "Rogelio, let me take you out to bask in the sun? Do you want to go there? "

I saw Rogelio's pale face as his answer to me.

I walked out of the room immediately and went straight to the storage room. Because I remembered that when I was locked in the storage room, I saw an empty wheelchair.

Although Rogelio has lost a lot of weight, he is still too heavy for me.

I wanted to ask someone for help, but almost everyone in the house were maids, and the charge of theft was still my label. Before I said anything, these people had already walked away from me.

I had no choice but to seek the help of the male gardeners at home. Although he did not shun me at once, he still waved his hand and shook his head at me.

"Mr. Rogelio has been in a coma for quite a long time. Mrs. Nancy has already given up hope on the recovery of Mr. Rogelio. Since half a year ago, no one has wanted to bask in the sun for Mr. Rogelio. Why do you want to do so?"

"Mr. Rogelio is too weak. If there is any mistake, it's whose responsibility, yours or mine?"

"What's more, I don't dare to get into that house. If something is lost again, people will think I conspired with you..."

"If you want to please Mrs. Nancy, you can just ask her for her permission first. Whether she agrees or not, she may consider it for the sake of your own good. But I saw her go out just now, you can wait."

"Thank you!" I came back alone. I knew there was no one at home who was willing to help me.

I didn't want to ingratiate myself with Mrs. Nancy, nor did I want to turn to others for help. Because all this would only become futile.

But I didn't want to give up. So I brought the wheelchair to my room.

I helped Rogelio sit up, with one hand supporting him in case he fell down, and the other hand putting his legs down from the bed.

It's really a little difficult for me. Ev

en with all my strength, I still feel it's a bit unbearable.

After carefully completing this step, I put one of Rogelio's arms on my shoulders, took a deep breath, and then staggered. Finally, I got Rogelio to sit on the wheelchair, but because I couldn't stand the weight anymore and when I put him down, I felt like he fell on the wheelchair.

"I'm sorry, Rogelio. I didn't find anyone to help. Do you feel pain?"

I found a woollen blanket, covered his legs, and also put a coat on him.

I smiled and looked at Rogelio. Everything seemed so natural except his eyes were closed.

"Ready! Let's go!"

I pushed Rogelio out of the room.

People in the Luo family usually take the stairs. Few people would take the elevator unless they carried something heavy. The elevator was located at the end of the corridor, which was not eye-catching.

I went to the elevator and passed by the staircase. Coincidentally, I met Fannie at the foot of the stairs.

At first, Fannie's eyes twinkled when she saw me, but she quickly calmed down and raised her head, passing me.

Being framed, I'm still a little angry, "why? Why did you frame me? "

I can't help asking.

Fannie stopped and turned around. She looked at me with a smile, "when did I frame you?"

"You know it. You lied to me that Mrs. Nancy asked me to come."

Fannie raised her eyelids and asked, "So what?"

I was angry at her denial, "You were sneaking around that night and lying to me the next morning. Did you steal Mrs. Nancy's things? You want me to be your scapegoat, right? "

Fannie frowned and looked around. She was secretly relieved when she found that no one heard what she said.

"I'm warning you. Don't talk nonsense. Even if you tell others, who will believe you? Don't make yourself awkward. "

I bit my lips and looked at the look of Fannie's smug face.

However, while Fannie glanced at Rogelio on the wheelchair and moved towards me with her blinking eyes.

"Mr. Rogelio is getting worse and worse. How could his body withstand your torture?"

I stared at Fannie and said with hostility, "it's none of your business."

"I'm an elder in the Luo family. You're not very sensible. I'd like to know how long you can stay in the Luo family..."

Fannie said coldly. When I looked at her fearlessly, I didn't expect that she would raise her hand and push me hard.

I accidentally tilted my body and stumbled, and the wheelchair fell down along the edge of the stairs.

Rogelio bumped two steps on the wheelchair and nearly fell out of the wheelchair because he leaned forward.

I was so flustered that I almost lost my breath. I couldn't remember how I ran to the front of the wheelchair, with my hands holding the handrail tightly in an instant, and I was lying horizontally on the stairs.

At that moment, Rogelio's body hit me on the back. Before I could bear the weight of Rogelio, the wheelchair bumped against us heavily again.

I didn't know how I held up that strength at that time, and I didn't remember how I hurt my ankle at that time.

But I remember clearly that not only did Fannie not come to help, she stood at the stairs and shouted loudly.

"Help! Help! Jasmine injured Mr. Rogelio! Help!"

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