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   Chapter 5 No One Cares

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I remember that I was completely confused at that time. This sudden blame made me feel suffocated.

"Don't talk nonsense. I am not."

It was my first reaction when I panicked. I didn't think that I would be charged with the crime of theft, let alone think who would believe me here.

All the people present hoped to settle this matter as soon as possible, so that they would not be involved in this affair.

But when I looked at Maria innocently, I saw deep faith in her eyes.

Not far away, the figure of Mrs. Nancy was getting closer and closer, and she already identified me as the thief.

"No, I really didn't..."

I kept shaking my head, but at that moment I felt my words were so pale.

Mrs. Nancy appeared at the top of the stairs on the second floor and confronted me in front of everyone. "Did you come to my room this morning?"

"Fannie told me that you wanted to see me, so I went there. But I didn't enter your room..."

Mrs. Nancy snorted and said, "Everyone in the Luo family knows that my words are passed by Maria. How dare she do it as a cleaner?"

I saw from the eyes of the people around me and found that this is actually what everyone should know, and what I said just now became the worst excuse. I seemed to have seen that the blur covered me.

"You said you didn't enter my room. Did anyone see that? Who can testify for her? "

Nobody spoke......

Fannie continued, "Before she came here, we had never heard of losing anything. How come we found the thievery as soon as she came? Mrs. Nancy, let's search her room."

Fannie's words immediately received the consent of Mrs. Nancy. At that moment, I felt extremely aggrieved.

Maria, Fannie and a few others ran up to my room on the third floor. However, when they just came to the doorway, they found a diamond earring outside the door.

"Mrs. Nancy, we found it at her door. She must have dropped it by accident."

Casting a glance at the earring in Maria's hand, Mrs. Nancy went downstairs step by step.

When the other servants in the hall saw this, they all made room for me like escaping from the plague. In their eyes, I must be the thief.

Mrs. Nancy was calm and expressionless. She stopped by my side.

"Mrs. Nancy, I..."

I really wanted to explain to Mrs. Nancy that I didn't steal anything, but she raised her hand to slap me hard in my face.

"You are so shameless. You are not only a poor guy. What's more? How dare you steal from others? Are you crazy? You are humiliating yourself here!"

I covered my aching face with my hands. At that moment, my tears kept running down. Because of grievance and the way they looked at me......

Mrs. Nancy asked Maria to call Robbie and let him get me out of here. Call the police or get out of here. Whatever, she didn't want to see me again.

I was put in the storage room like a prisoner, waiting for their final decision.

I sat on the ground with my arms around my knees. In the small and dark storeroom, I couldn't remember how many times I had cried.

I don't understand why Fannie framed me and why no one was willing to give me a chance to ex


I don't know how long I have been locked in the storage room. I only remember that when the door of the storage room was opened, it was already late at night. When the dim light came in, I even felt a little uncomfortable and irritated.

A tall figure was standing at the door, with a scarlet cigarette in his hand.

I don't know why, but even I'm so tired of crying that my nose ached and on the verge of tears. "I didn't..."

"I don't care!"

Hearing what Robbie said, I felt very disappointed again.

No one cares about the truth that is related to me......

I followed Robbie out of the storage room. There are many small and large boxes on the tea table of the hall.

"I wasn't considerate enough before. Here are clothes, jewelry, backpacks, and shoes, all of which are popular styles of the current season. If you think it's not enough or don't like it, here is a credit card. You can ask Mr. Liu to drive you out and buy yourself."

Robbie said indifferently. Occasionally, he lifted the lid with her fingers and there were a variety of things inside.

I clenched my hands so tightly that even though my nails pierced into my flesh, I still didn't feel any pain.

How malicious the irony is! What am I to them......

Robbie turned slightly and looked at my hand. "You don't need to care about what others say. Of course, you can choose to leave. It's your right. But if you want to go, you need to return the one hundred and thirty thousand back."

At that time, I really didn't want to stay here to continue to suffer such humiliation, and I didn't want to stay under the strange eyes of others either.

I wanted to tell Robbie that I will pay him back in the future.

But before I could utter these words out, Robbie blocked my words.

"I don't like what others owe me for a long time. If I want to leave, I hope I can pay the money and leave at the same time."

I didn't have 130000, and now I even didn't have 13.

"I don't care about your personality, because we won't live together. It even doesn't matter to my brother as he doesn't know it."

I saw Robbie turn around and leave. Even so late, he didn't seem to stay here.

When I came back to Rogelio's room, I saw the boxes in all sizes on the ground. I felt so sad that I couldn't breathe.

It was the first time I envied Rogelio when I saw him lying on the bed as usual.

If only I could be as indifferent and ruthless as him, not knowing what is going on, how nice it would be.

"Rogelio, I'm Jasmine. Today, everyone thought that I was a thief who stole your mother's jewelry. No one wanted to listen to my explanation, and no one believed me."

"Are you willing to believe me? I really didn't... "

Rogelio was still in sound sleep. He didn't answer her question, but somehow I felt comforted, because he wouldn't question me with disdainful eyes like the others, and he wouldn't say that he didn't care about me as aloof as his brother Robbie.

From that day on, I began to like talking to Rogelio. I pretended that I was not talking to myself, and pretended that someone would listen to me......

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