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   Chapter 600 Don't Want To Lose Temper

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Steve had heard something about Wendy's family, but he didn't know much about it. But he seldom heard Wendy mention her mother's family.

Wendy nodded and said, "Yes. My cousin has something to talk to me. Why don't you go back first? You don't have to wait for me."

Steve thought for a while and said, "Well, I'll go back first. Bye."

"Bye." Wendy waved at him.

After Steve left, there were only the two of them left in the maintenance area. The atmosphere became awkward again.

After a while, Jared came over and inserted the U disk into the computer. He turned on the video and turned it to Wendy.

Looking at the video, Wendy was quite surprised. She thought that Lance did a good job.

Although he was not as good as a professional racing driver, he was an outstanding one in the amateurs.

When Jared saw that Wendy had finished watching the video, he went up to open another video.

"What's this?"

Jared explained, "When I was checking the video just now, I found that Mr. Lance's account of the racing simulator has broken the record, so I copied it together."

"Oh? The record was broken? Much faster than I expected. " Wendy raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Lance looked at Wendy expectantly.

After browsing all the videos, Wendy looked at Lance and asked, "Lance, do you want to be a professional racing driver?"

"No." Lance shook his head. "I'm just interested in racing, but I won't give up my job and choose racing."

"Oh, I see." Wendy felt a little pity. If Lance really wanted to be a professional racing driver, although he was a little older, he would gain a lot after training him for a period of time.

"So you just want to try F1 racing today?" asked Wendy.

"Yes! I want to personally feel the difference between F1 and Formula Renault. " Lance looked at the F1 car parked aside with burning eyes.

Wendy th

Can you take us to see Wendy? "

"Yes, yes. I'm a fan of Wendy. I also want to see her!"

Biting her lower lip tightly, Bonnie frowned and winked at Lance with pleading eyes, as if asking him not to expose their relationship with Wendy.

In fact, Lance didn't care about it at all. But from the conversation with Wendy just now, he could feel that Wendy was a person with high pride.

He was not sure whether Wendy wanted to keep her relationship with the Shangguan family a secret. To be conservative, he'd better not say anything.

Lance nodded and said, "Yes, I know her, but I'm not familiar with her. I'll go there. Enjoy yourselves. "

Then Lance left without looking back.

"Hey, Lance! Alas! " Jeffry turned around and said, "Bonnie, your cousin looks so serious. I don't even dare to talk to him."

"Yes, I was a little scared when I looked at him just now."

"Bonnie, how did your cousin know Wendy? Tell us. "

"I don't know!" Bonnie shouted angrily.

Jeffry and the others widened their eyes in shock.

Bonnie came to senses and avoided their eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. I'm not feeling well."

"Not feeling well? Do you feel uncomfortable? " Jeffry looked at Bonnie and asked worriedly.

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