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   Chapter 599 Real Thoughts

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"I really want to have a sister like Wendy." Jeffry sighed.

Hearing this, Bonnie's mood was even worse. "Why?"

"She's such a cool girl. She won several consecutive wins for our country and defeated other racers. If I tell others that Wendy is my sister, how proud I will be! " Jeffry explained.

Bonnie opened her mouth with anger. She wanted to tell them about Wendy's background. She wanted to tell them how insidious and cunning Wendy was. She wanted to tell them that she was from a single parent family and that her mother had given birth to her before marriage.

But her remaining sanity made her shut up. If this kind of thing was spread out, it would only embarrass the Shangguan family.

Jeffry looked at Bonnie curiously and asked, "What did you want to say just now?"

"Nothing." Bonnie smiled awkwardly.

Soon, Jeffry and the others stopped talking and concentrated on the race. Listening to the excited shouts of the people around, Bonnie was not in the mood or interest at all. She could only sit there in a daze.

She endured for a long time and the race was finally over.

Jeffry took a deep breath and said, "Wow! What a fascinating race! Wendy didn't make any mistake. She is awesome! "

"Yes, I have checked. She just started to learn the formula race. Why does she look like a racer with more than ten years of experience?"

"I read the news about car racing from foreign media. It is said that Wendy is a talented racing driver."

"Wendy is super popular abroad. It seems that everyone knows her."

"Yes, yes. I traveled to A country some time ago. The restaurant manager asked me where I came from. I said I'm from CN country. She shook hands with me excitedly and asked me if I knew Wendy. The manager gave me a twenty percent off discount and gave me several dishes for free. "

They kept talking about Wendy, but Bonnie couldn't stand it at all. She lowered her head and played with her phone with a cold

the sake of F1 racing.

He was smart to figure out all of those things. Wendy smiled and said, "Is this your honest words, or do you want me to lend you the racing car so you flattered me by saying this on purpose?"

"These are my real thoughts. I don't care about my face so much." Lance said calmly.

"Are you interested in racing?"


"Did you try it just now?"


Looking at Jared, Wendy said, "Jared, help me copy, uh..."

She looked at Lance hesitantly and didn't know how to call him.

Since the Shangguan family treated her badly, she didn't like Shangguan family. But today, she found that Lance was different from others.

Lance quickly reacted and said tentatively, "How about you call me Bonnie, just like what Bonnie called?"

"Okay, Jared, please copy Lance's video."


There were only them in the lounge, and the atmosphere was a little embarrassing.

"Bang!" Steve pushed the door open and said, "Wendy, let's go. What? Who is this? "

Instead of answering Steve's question, Wendy raised her eyebrows and looked at Lance.

Seeing the look in her eyes, Lance immediately understood what she meant.

Lance stood up and reached out his hand to Steve. "Hello, I'm Wendy's cousin."

"What? Cousin? " Steve widened his eyes in surprise.

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