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   Chapter 597 Make Friends

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The advertisement for the racing track popped up on the screen, but Lance didn't press the close button. Looking at the advertisement, his heart skipped a beat.

Recently, the most popular racing track in the capital city was opened by HX Group and Dragon. Many of his friends and former classmates were discussing how interesting and exciting it was.

After thinking for a while, Lance was very interested in racing now. He could go to the race track to experience real racing this weekend when he was free.

However, things didn't go as he wished. On the weekend, Bonnie was clinging to him again.

"Lance, please go to the aquarium with me!" Bonnie said like a spoiled child, holding Lance's arm.

Lance pushed her head and said, "You go by yourself. I don't have time."

"You're busy again!" Bonnie complained, "I asked you to go out with me a few days ago, but you said you were busy. Well, I can understand that you are not free during working days. Today is a day off. You said you were not free. "

Bonnie felt wronged. "Lance, what's wrong with you? You have been so cold to me since you came back from abroad. Did I say something wrong and do something wrong? What did I do wrong to make you angry? You can tell me that I will try my best to change it! "

"No. don't think too much. I really don't have time." Lance sighed.

Although Bonnie had a bad temper and personality, she was still Lance's cousin. Even if she had thousands of mistakes, as her cousin, he had to try his best to make concessions.

"Then why did you refuse to play with me?" Bonnie questioned, "What are you going to do if you don't go to work tomorrow? Why are you not available? "

After thinking for a while, Lance said, "I'm going to the race track."

"Race track? The race track made by Wendy's team? " Asked Bonnie, frowning.


Bonnie looked a little confused and awkward. In fact, she also wanted to go there when the opening ceremony began.

But she knew that Wendy often appeared on the racing track, so she was very resistant to it. She was afraid th

car and listened to the last instructions of the coach beside him. He nodded and said, "I understand."

"Well, enjoy the pleasure of racing." The coach patted on Lance's shoulder.

Lance started the racing car. As soon as he stepped on the gas, the car sped up. It was several times faster than an ordinary sports car, which really startled him.

Fortunately, the excitement in his heart suppressed his nervousness. Holding the steering wheel tightly, Lance followed the safety car and slowly got familiar with the track.

After running a few laps, he was familiar with the track and racing car. After the safety car left, he began to speed up and run on the track.

He enjoyed the excitement brought by racing.

Bonnie went to play the indoor go-kart. The go-kart was not as strict as the formula, which could only allow two racing cars on the track at a time.

Many go-karts could on the track at one time. When Bonnie drove the go-kart and ran into the guardrail by accident, she was not frightened. Instead, she laughed happily.

Bonnie was happy. She was extroverted and lively. She had made many new friends here.

They chased after each other on the track. The one who got the last place should treat everyone drinks.

Because of her carelessness, Bonnie was much behind the others. She chased after them for a few laps, but she still got the last place.

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