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   Chapter 595 Unimportant

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Wendy looked at Lea and asked as if she was the hostess, "Tell me. What are you going to say to Harold?"

Lea looked at her with resentment. She took a deep breath and looked at Harold with a pitiful look on her face. "Harold, did you do that?"

Harold pretended to be ignorant, "What's that?"

Lea stared at Harold nervously, but she couldn't see any expression on Harold's face.

Did I misunderstand him? Was it done by my competitor?

Although she guessed, she still had to ask.

"Harold, someone reported my company to the food and medicine administration department today. I want to ask if you asked someone to do it." Lea continued, "I know that Wendy and I had a conflict at the birthday party that day, but Harold, we have been classmates for so many years. You don't have to be so cruel! How can you report me? "

"Report? I'm sorry, Miss Zhang. I didn't understand what you meant. " Harold said calmly.

Drinking the milk with a faint smile on her lips, Wendy thought to herself, 'Harold is a good actor. He can act now.'

Didn't he know it? Confused, Lea took out her phone, clicked on the micro-blog that the marketing account had exposed, and handed the phone to him. "Harold, this is what I'm talking about."

Harold took over the phone and Wendy put down the glass to check Lea's phone.

If she still pretended to be indifferent at this time, Lea might suspect her.

Sure enough, Lea saw the gossipy look on Wendy's face, as if she had seen the news for the first time.

Lea began to suspect her competitors. Were they going to launch a new type of drink recently so they suppressed her on purpose? Ruin her company's reputation?

"Miss Zhang."

The cold voice brought Lea back to her senses. Harold handed the phone back and shook her head. "Miss Zhang, it has nothing to do with me."

Lea glared at Wendy, "It's either Harold or you!"

Wendy looked at her innocently and asked, "What? What did you say?

onnie said coquettishly.

Recently, Lance was obsessed with the racing simulator and couldn't extricate himself from it. He wanted to break the record, but it was broken by Bonnie.

This racing simulator Lance bought was specially designed. He pointed at the big screen and checked the video of Wendy. "I'm not free. You can go by yourself."

"What? You're not free? You have time to play games here, don't you have time to drink coffee with me? "

"This is not a game." Lance corrected her impatiently.

"Okay, okay. It's not a game." Although Bonnie said so, she still felt that this was no different from the game console in the game hall. It was just racing games.

She turned her head to look at the big screen, only to find that the screen had changed to the third view. She saw that a racing car was galloping on the track with Wendy's name on it.

Bonnie was surprised. "Wendy? How could it be her? "

"This is the racing simulator released by her team," explained Lance.

Bonnie felt bad. Wendy had stolen grandpa's attention from her, and now she was going to take her cousin away. Why did she take everything that belonged to her away?

Bonnie was so angry that she slapped the steering wheel heavily and roared, "Lance, you don't want to accompany me because of her?"

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