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   Chapter 594 Asking For Help

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Lea was quite patient. She had been waiting for Harold in the reception room of the HX Group.

The secretary took a look at the clock on the wall. It was half past six. It was time to get off work. Lea was still there.

The Secretary thought for a while and walked into the chairman's office to report, "Mr. Harold, Miss Zhang is still waiting for you in the reception room. It seems that she won't leave without seeing you. Do you want to see her? "

"No." Harold said indifferently.

"But Miss Zhang is still waiting outside. Do you want to waste time with her?" The Secretary asked in surprise.

If Harold didn't get off work, the Secretary couldn


He sighed in his heart. He thought he could leave, but he still had to work overtime.

Lea looked at Wendy with a frown. She quickly followed Harold into the office and said, "Well, can you leave us alone?"

"Wendy is not an outsider. If you have anything, just say it in front of her." Harold refused without hesitation.

Lea gasped for breath. Thinking that she had to ask Harold for help, she had no choice but to stop asking Wendy to leave.

The secretary put the milk on the tea table. Harold touched the outer wall of the cup and felt the temperature. "It's a little hot. Be careful."

"Okay." Wendy blew on the milk and took a sip.

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