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   Chapter 593 A Half Off Discount

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Lea was so angry with these micro-blog comments that she didn't notice the assistant next to her looked strange. She angrily closed the micro-blog page and said angrily, "Inform the public relations department of the meeting!"


After the meeting, the public relations department of the company began to send people to delete the invitation. They didn't know if the food and medicine supervisor had found any drink with problems, so they didn't immediately issue a statement.

Then they hired the rumormongers to hype other topics, so that the breaking news that they had been investigated by the food and drug administration department would drop from the top search.

Lea came out of the meeting room and called Harold.

In the HX Group, Harold glanced at the caller ID and continued to read the documents in his hand.

Lea had been calling for a long time, but no one answered. She was so anxious that she called for more than ten minutes, but she still couldn't get through.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Lea said angrily.

The assistant pushed the door open and reported, "Miss Zhang, the public opinion is stable now."

"Okay, keep an eye on it. If anything happens, call me immediately." Lea said as she started to pack up her things.

The assistant asked curiously, "Miss Zhang, where are you going? You don't have a schedule this morning! "

"I'm going out. If someone wants to see me, just let them wait for me."


Lea picked up her bag and quickly left the building to drive to the HX Group.

The assistant stood by the window and looked at the car disappearing in her sight. She quickly took out her mobile phone and logged in micro-blog, entering the topic of post. "You are right. The account that cursed Wendy yesterday was indeed the private micro-blog of the chairman of the Zhang Group, Lea Zhang."

"So sure? How do you know? "

"I'm her employee. I can't tell you the details. Anyway, I'm two hundred percent sure that the account is Lea Zhang's micro-blog."

"Wow, so everyone's guess is correct? Do you know the inside story? Why did she curse Wendy?

s classmates and she can give us a half off discount!"

"Really? I'm going to squeeze some time to have fun there recently. I have to go and ask how to get the half off discount. "

Wendy was surrounded by a group of people. They kept asking questions. She smiled and said, "Take your time. Don't worry. I can't hear you clearly."

"Wendy, how can I get a discount? Tell the staff your name directly? " Someone asked.

Wendy stood up and looked around. "How many people want to go there?"

The students raised their hands one after another. Wendy smiled and said, "How about this? You can make a list and send it to me. I'll give the list to the staff then. When you go to apply for a membership, the computer system will automatically give you half off discount."

"Yeah! Wendy, you are awesome! "

"How about we go there this weekend? What do you think? "

"Okay, okay!"

Looking at the boisterous crowd, Fanny felt very uncomfortable when her desk mate moved close to Wendy.

She wanted to go, but she felt awkward at the thought of reporting the list to Wendy.

Fanny remembered that she had been against Wendy for so many times. If she saw her name on the list, she would definitely be mocked. Thinking of this, Fanny gave up the plan to sign up.

Wendy was so busy that she didn't have time to check the list one by one. Besides, she didn't take Fanny seriously. Fanny was too narcissistic.

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