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   Chapter 592 An Investigation

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 7001

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"I've been on micro-blog for several years. Now I'm used to making the screenshots on micro-blog, in order to prevent those who dare to say and dare not to admit. Since you have said it, don't delete it!"

"This kind of person who only hides behind the computer and mobile phone is the most disgusting!"

Looking at the overwhelming abuse, Lea also experienced the feelings of Millay.

There were still a lot of things and documents to read. Lea thought that she had delete them, so she went to the meeting with ease.

On the other side, in the study, Harold looked at the document on the table and sneered, "She is too free. Find her something to do."

"Yes, sir!" Jared bowed and left in a hurry.

The next day, the staff of the Food and Drug Administration Department came to Lea's company.

Lea sat in the office and browsed the micro-blog. Although there were still some netizens cursing her, the number was obviously much less.

And the netizens didn't find out her related information, which made her completely relieved.

When she heard her assistant report the inspection of the Food and Drug Administration Department, her expression changed slightly. "People from the food and drug administration department come here for inspection? Check what? What happened? "

The assistant shook her head anxiously and said, "I don't know either. The people in the Food and Drug Administration Department came straight to the door, but they didn't send a letter to check!"

Lea nodded, "Okay, I see. You take them to the meeting room first. I'll be there after signing these contracts."

"Okay!" The assistant nodded and hurried over.

Lea took a deep breath and thought, 'Something is wrong. Why did they come here so suddenly without any news?'

Did someone report it secretly? Who would do such a thing? She didn't mess with anyone recently!

Wait, is it...

Lea's face turned pale and she held the phone tightly.

Is it Harold? He became so cruel after she had criticized Wendy at the party!

No, Harold and she had been classmates for many years. He shouldn't

denly find something! I remember that the boss of this company is a woman. Then I went to the website of the industrial and commercial bureau and found that it was indeed a woman. I also checked the encyclopedia and found that she and Harold He were classmates! Do you remember the blogger who scolded Wendy yesterday? Is it her? "

"Really? Are you Sherlock Holmes? You're so awesome! "

"I'm scared to think about it carefully. With the pictures of her meeting, it's really possible that she is the one!"

"Did she scold Wendy yesterday and then be punished by Harold today?"

"It's not a punishment, is it? If there was no problem with her drink, it would be useless for Harold to report her. If there is really something wrong, then she is doomed! "

"Are you out of your mind? It would be awkward if that person wasn't her. "

"Why are you so embarrassed? Now that we have found out the information, Lea has met it. It is very likely that the blogger is her."

Lea wanted to check the public opinion on the Internet on micro-blog, but unexpectedly she was found out by the netizens.

The assistant behind her was in a panic. She secretly glanced at the micro-blog account in the upper right corner of the website and then glanced at her boss.

She thought to herself, 'This world is too small. She scolded the blogger for the whole night, but it turned out to be her boss.'

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