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   Chapter 591 You Are Right

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6958

Updated: 2020-09-23 14:33

Many people saw this micro-blog and opened the micro-blog of that netizen curiously. As a result, they saw many photos of Wendy and Harold kissing.

"Wow, it's so sweet, isn't it?"

"I believe in love again. It's absolutely true love."

"Wendy has Harold with her. She must have saved the whole galaxy in her previous life."

The relationship between Wendy and Harold, as well as the opening of the Dragon racing track, were respectively on the hot search and hot topics. Many people did not go, but could only watch the photos and videos posted by them on micro-blog.

The low-key and luxurious venue, spacious track and domineering racing car, everything was so surprising that people wanted to go there and have a look personally.

As time went by, people returned home and downloaded the racing video sent by Dragon from their mailbox.

Many people excitedly edited the video and sent it to micro-blog and Bilibili. From the third perspective, the netizens watched them running on the track, making mistakes and other funny and dangerous scenes.

After the video was released, the atmosphere reached a peak again. The people who wanted to go but had no time to go began to think about how to squeeze time. The people who wanted to go but had no money to go began to think about whether they should do some part-time jobs to make money. The people who wanted to go but no one accompanied them began to talk with their friends and persuade them to go with them.

The whole micro-blog, WeChat and Bilibili were all filled with photos and videos of racing, which suppressed the recent hot TV series and the gossip news of stars breaking up.

When Lea was browsing her WeChat moments, she happened to see a video of someone showing off that he had experienced an exciting racing at the Dragon racing track and putting a photo of him and Wendy on the WeChat moments.

In the photo, Wendy and Harold were holding each other's hands tightly. She grabbed the phone and took a deep breath to suppress her anger and jealousy.

Lea thought for a while and immediately ope

The blogger is a woman. I knew she must be an admirer of Harold!"

"I think we can think of another way. I have checked all the micro-blog Posts posted by this blogger and found that most of her posts are located in the capital city, so this person or her company should be in the capital city! We can check it on the industrial and commercial website and exclude it by her gender and age. "

"That's a good idea!"

Lea looked at the comment area of her micro-blog in disbelief. Were these people too free? Why did he begin to analyze her identity?

Besides, their analysis was quite accurate. Lea was a little flustered.

She thought of the lawsuit between Wendy and Millay a few days ago. Millay bought online rumormongers to discredit and spread rumors about Wendy's mother on micro-blog. Now she was living a comfortable life in prison.

She just said a few words casually on micro-blog. Although it was not a slander, if it was really exposed by the netizens, if the matter became a big one, Harold would definitely hate her completely!

Lea began to regret. She quickly deleted the two micro-blog posts, and some micro-blog posts about work were also deleted by her.

As soon as she deleted the micro-blog, she was found by netizens.

"Ha ha, someone began to delete the micro-blog with a guilty conscience."

"It seems that our previous analysis is not wrong!"

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