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   Chapter 590 Notice In Advance

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Chang Du Characters: 6652

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Most people would say that Wendy had done a good job in starting her car.

Although she got the pole position in almost all the qualifying, she had been in the back row for several times in her career. Through starting the car, she smoothly passed from behind to the front.

Now Steve had occupied the inner lane. Generally speaking, she would take the inner lane in the first corner.

But this time, after running to the third lap, Wendy still couldn't overtake successfully occupying the inner lane. Today, Steve's performance was very outstanding and his defense was very good.

Wendy, who was driving, was also surprised. She looked at the racing car in front of her in surprise, smiled and slowly stepped on the accelerator.

Steve was also surprised. He kept observing the movements of Wendy's racing car from the rearview mirror to prevent her from overtaking.

At this time, he found that Wendy did not drive to the outer lane, but closely followed his racing car.

Steve thought to himself, 'Wait for me to make a mistake and seize the opportunity to overtake? I won't make a mistake this time!'

Two racing cars were speeding on the racing track. In their eyes, the complex curves seemed very simple, and the racing cars smoothly passed through one and another curve.

When they finished the third lap, two racing cars quickly passed the starting line, and there was a straight track of hundreds of meters ahead.

With a sly smile, Wendy stepped on the gas again. The front of the car was very close to the back of Steve's car, as if they were about to hit each other.

The spectators shouted in surprise, "Oh my God! It's so close! "

"It's so scary! Isn't Wendy afraid that she might hit the car if she can't control the speed? "

"It's so fast. If I were her, I would have been smashed to pieces!"

"I think I must be scared to death if I sit in the passenger seat now."

"Come on! Wendy! "

"I didn't find them so powerful until I got close to them.

ere is no class."

"Oh, that's right. She is still a student now."

The customer came back and told his friends what he had asked. Many people curiously went to micro-blog and left comments in Wendy's comment area for advice.

After taking off her racing suit and bathing, Wendy came out in casual clothes. She posted the photo of her and Harold on micro-blog. When she saw the questions of her fans, she replied honestly, "Thank you for your support for me and Dragon. I have to go to school this afternoon, so I won't take part in the training."

"Wow! I got a reply from Wendy! So lucky! "

"I ate something wrong yesterday and had a diarrhea. I didn't know that Wendy had finished running until I came out of the bathroom. It's a pity that I didn't see her race with my own eyes! Wendy, can you tell me in advance when you're going to the race track in the future? I don't want to miss it again! "

Wendy replied, "Okay. If I go to the race track for training in the future, I'll inform you on micro-blog."

"Wow! Wendy is so nice! For fans, you always do whatever you can! "

"Yes, Wendy is gentle and cute. Fortunately, I brought a camera there today. I sat in the spectators' seats and took several photos of Wendy and Mr. Harold. If you are interested, you can go to my micro-blog to see these photos."

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